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Thank you for the opportunity to serve

After serving our community for 26 years in the Indiana House of Representatives, I am retiring to spend more time with my family.

During my tenure, I served as minority and majority floor leader and Speaker Pro Tempore, and as a member of the House Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, the House Committee on Natural Resources, the House Committee on Environmental Affairs, and the House Committee on Ways and Means.

It has always been my goal to support legislation benefiting Hoosiers across the state, and looking back at my time at the Statehouse, I am proud of the work that has been accomplished on behalf of farmers, families and rural Indiana.

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In the world of politics, what legislation is called unfortunately may matter more than what it’s intended to do.

Consider, for example, healthcare. Everyone wants health care to be affordable. So name a bill the “Affordable Health Care Act,” and some will immediately be on board. After all, who wants to be against “affordable health care”?

So it is with hate crimes. On its surface, the term “hate crimes” suggests that it is criminal to hate -- and therefore what right-thinking person would oppose a bill targeting hate? In fact, anyone opposed to any bill called “hate crimes” should prepare to be accused of bigotry, racism and the like.

However, I believe Hoosiers will dig beyond the surface of what a bill is called and focus on what a bill is intended to fix.

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Addiction is terrible disease. It can change a person over time into a completely different person. Addiction can develop over many years or it can take a person very quickly. For now, nobody knows why it hits some people harder than others. Some of it is genetic and passed down from generation to generation, but just because you don’t have a family history, it does not mean you are safe.

In Narcotics Anonymous they say that addiction leads to one of three places, jail, institutions or death.

No one can doubt that Indiana and maybe Miami County in particular suffers from a drug problem. You see it everyday. Many of us know somebody who has suffered from this terrible disease.

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Local residents are invited to attend two public hearings next week to voice their opinions on two intersection changes proposed in Cass County.

Curtis Hill, 43rd Attorney General of Indiana

The right to protest doesn’t necessarily mean that the protest is right.

While the NFL kneeling saga continues, it is becoming less clear what the kneeling is about.

When it began last season, the kneeling was a protest against alleged police brutality and the incidence of blacks killed by police.

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I’ve been looking a lot at the Charlottesville, Virginia violence lately. The alt-right, or neo-Nazis and white supremacy, and the counter group. The media might be blowing it out proportion or it might be worst then everyone thinks. All in all, I think it’s just a bad situation in general made worse by the alt-right groups with how violent they can be.

One incident was from a member of a group called Vanguard America. The man decided to drive into a group of counter protesters. This incident injured 19 people and killed 1. This isn’t okay for anyone and hurts us as a nation. Through the events of Charlottesville there have been 33 people injured and 3 killed. This makes us wake as a nation. I mean I may not be an American citizen but I know well enough that this isn’t the right way to handle this, or handle anything in that manner.