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Special meeting prior to County Council Meeting with Ameresco at 6:00 p.m.
Ameresco is the company that the county contracted with to do energy assessments of the Jail and the Court House. You can read about Ameresco here:

02/19/2019 was the first committee meeting on the subject. On 04/02/2019 there was a financial discussion, and 04/16/19 (this evening) there was the Verification meeting with the Building Committee. For 05/21/2019 is the scheduled Project Discussion.

The Miami County Jail was built by RQAW in 2008 and so it is 10/11 years old. Ameresco stated that they have talked to Carrier which built the original HVAC System, Brought in the original controls manufacturer, and further investigated the Outdoor Air concerns for the inmates. Ameresco also did an audit for LED conversion, Building modeling, and continued the solar discussion. Ameresco found Scale buildup with Domestic boilers forcing the replacement of 8 heat exchangers in 10 years. The short run of the pipes and the large numbers of bends in the piping reduce the flow and exacerbate the build-up with breaks down the heat flow. There is an undersized unit as well. The peak hot water flow was tracked and found to start at about 9/10 am, and then the highest peaks were at dinner time. There was some talk of a potential solar array being built behind the building - a 220KW station. To the west of the jail is being reserved for expansion as RQAW drew out.

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County Council Meeting 03/19/2019

Approval of Previous Minutes (February).

Council Action: Health Department requested a transfer for supplies to help purchase a computer, they were in need of $59.00. There was also a resolution to approve encumbrances. According to Councilman Ralph Duckwall, that hasn't happened in the past, but they have been told by the state that they needed to do this. So the encumbrances from 2018 including payroll and 2018 contractor invoices were approved in the amount of $2,060,254.05.

The County Council discussed the tour of the Highway Garage Facility and Final Inspection. It has been suggested that they pay someone to do an independent inspection of the garage. The amount for this inspection was estimated at about $1,200.00/$1,300.00; figured as $100.00 per hour, an estimated 10 to 12 hours +/- of work required to complete the inspections.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

1. Call to Order at 7:00 p.m.
2. Prayer
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Announcements –
5. Approval of Previous Minutes
   • October minutes
6. Appropriations or Transfers
   Highway Phase 2 - Vacation wages $10,000
   Highway Phase 1 - Superintendent vacation $6,000
   EMA Non-Reverting Fund Volunteer Meeting $3,000
   • CEDIT – N’West Corridor payment $56,000
7. Items for Council Action
   • Encumbrance Resolution 2017 to 2018
   • 2019 Budget Amendment
8. Request for Audience
   • Probation Dept. - new hire - Susan Rice
   • Highway Dept. – Letter of Commitment INDOT Funds – Ken Einselen
9. Council Discussion / Committee Report
10. Public Comment
11. Adjournment

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Peru, IN – Miami County employees are set to get a 2% raise in 2019 now that a new budget has been approved by the Miami County Council. The Council met in regular session on Wednesday evening, October 10, 2018, in the G.A.R. room of the Miami County Courthouse. In this meeting, the Council also approved a $250,000.00 forgivable loan for Progress Rail from CREDIT economic development funds.

County Budget of $21,061,848.00 passed:

The total budget amount for 2018 is $21,061,848.00. County Councilman John Donaldson asked for the vote for the County Council budget to be approved separately. Upon voting for the County Council Budget, Mr. Donaldson voted no on the budget stating that he did not agree with the Council members receiving the 2% raise based on the "poor job" that the members did with the County Garage.