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Dinner and tacos under 20 minutes? Cumin, coriander, and paprika lend these fish tacos a delightfully warm, smoky flavor. They're the perfect pairing for the tangy sour cream sauce.

We know it isn’t summer yet, but it is on the way. Why not get ready by making some delicious Fish tacos, that great meal of the Baja Peninsula, and a taste of summer!

This recipe is super easy and your family is sure to love it!

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These easy slow cooker pork fajitas offer loads of taste appeal. Sizzling tenderloin and veggies are tossed with a bold cilantro sauce and tucked into tortillas for a fun take on taco night.

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Tuscan Garlic Chicken is a family favorite! Tender and juicy crusted chicken served over noodles with a delicious creamy Tuscan garlic sauce.

What’s not to love about crispy, pan seared chicken covered in a creamy, cheesy sauce….all served over fettuccine noodles? You’d be crazy not to love this meal!

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Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Rotisserie chicken is the time-saving secret to this mash-up of two crowd-pleasing foods. Stuff corn tortillas with a cheesy buffalo filling and bake until melted for an easy weeknight meal or game day snack that's ready in a half hour.

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There are lots of recipes for cashew chicken, but this one stands alone. You’ll love the flavor from the fresh ginger and the crunch of the cashews. Another plus is it's easy to prepare.

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Cajun Sirloin with Mushroom-Leek Sauce

In 30 minutes you‘ll have a restaurant-quality steak with a bold Cajun flair. The best part? You can skip the drive, the wait, and the bill!

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Short on time? Give this savory pie a try. It takes just five minutes of active prep and is filled with a tasty mix of lean ground beef, beans and canned corn, all topped with a layer of crumbly cornbread.

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Pork Lo Mein

Do you love Chinese food? Now you can make this restaurant quality recipe in your own home and it is ready in just 30 minutes. Check it out. Your family is sure to love it!