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Peru, IN – The Miami County Democratic Party Chairman Charles Wagner has appointed Jason Bowman to complete the term of late Council Woman Phyllis Torrence on the Peru City Council for District 3 effective March 4, 2019.

Bowman is the only Democrat running for the District 3 seat in the upcoming May primary and will face off against a Republican challenger to be determined by the Primary Election.

Bowman ran against Torrence in the last election cycle and lost.

“She beat me fair and square, we shook hands afterward it was a good clean race,” said Bowman. “I ran again this year and she didn’t file, and I didn’t know she wasn’t feeling good.”

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Peru, IN – The closing minutes of yesterday’s Peru City Council meeting became contentious as Councilman Blane C. Holland read a statement and asked questions to Mayor Greer regarding the recent news of a budget shortfall that is resulting in the reduction of one police officer and one firefighter.

Holland’s statement read: “Through local media reports and social media, we have become aware of a budget issue that appears to have led to a reduction in force of both the Police Department and the Peru Fire Department by one person each. The budget we approved, was in part, based on the number of people each department would have. It was our understanding that all officers would receive a pay increase. We did not intend for this raise to come at the expense of manpower. By reducing their numbers, we have fundamentally changed the budget we agreed to. So, you have done this unilaterally and without consulting with us and I do not understand why there was a feeling this concealment in this situation from the council did not keep us informed. To the Peru Police Department and the Peru Fire Department, I apologize for the situation we find ourselves in right now. It was never our intention to pass a raise that the budget can’t accommodate or reduce your force to provide it. I hope after today’s meeting, we have a better understanding and idea of what has happened and how we can move forward with a plan that is financially sustainable for future years to come. And so, I would like there to be an explanation, if we can, of what exactly happened and why there needed to be some statements provided for social media.”

Mayor Greer responded to Councilman Holland by saying “So you’re saying you don’t understand what happened after the multiple conversations we’ve had about what happened.”

Council President Kurt Krauskopf then stated, “I haven’t heard anything about it, so.”

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Peru, IN – The Peru City Council had their regularly scheduled meeting on December 3, 2018, at 6 p.m. The meeting was held at the City Council Chamber in the City Building.

The City Council passed unanimously the proposed ordinance 30, 2018 - An ordinance to establish a non-reverting police seizure and forfeiture fund within the budget of the police department in accordance with Indiana code 34-24-1-9. The ordinance allows Peru Police Department to have a bit more control over seized funds and their distribution.

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Peru, IN – The Peru City Council met for it’s regular meeting on Monday, July 2, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of the City Building. Council members present included: Blane Holland, Tom Gustin, Phyllis Torrence, Cheryl Lee, and Terry Alley. Jane Languell and Kurt Krauskopf were absent.

In a very light City Council Meeting, the Council approved Ordnance 14, 2018 for an additional appropriation of $12,850 for the Peru Police Department Criminal Investigation Fund for the purchase of firearms. This was the second reading. The Ordinance passed unanimously.