Arrest photo of Lloyd Miller, 43, of Peru

Peru, IN – Forty-three-year-old Lloyd Miller of Peru is facing charges of Operating While Intoxicated with a Prior Conviction, Operating A Vehicle while being a Habitual Traffic Violator and Possession of Marijuana following a traffic stop conducted on January 24, 2018, at approximately 1:19 a.m.

PPD Officer Tyler Shoffner conducted the traffic stop on Mr. Miller after observing his vehicle in the area of W. 7th St. / Jefferson Street straddling the center line, and weaving back to the right with the left tires still over the center line. The driver then signalled a right-hand turn and turned on to Grant Street followed by another quick left hand turn onto 6th Street. Shoffner then activated his emergency lights and conducted the traffic stop on 6th Street.

Upon approaching the vehicle after the stop, a man, later identified at Lloyd Miller, 43 of Peru got out of the Minivan and then make a partial squatting motion as if he were throwing something on the ground. Officer Shoffner then gave Mr. Miller verbal commands to show his hands and Miller complied.

Arrest photo of Mark A Weaver, Jr., 24 of Peru

Peru, IN – Mark Weaver, 24 of Peru was arrested by Peru Police Department on charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Dealing Methamphetamine and Possession of Paraphernalia after PPD Officers were called to his residence on January 25, 2019, at approximately 6:58 p.m. to assist Fulton County Community Corrections.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by PPD Officer Chad Mooney, Officers were called to the apartment at the request of Fulton County Community Corrections staff who were on scene and had encountered drugs.

Upon his arrival, Officer Mooney spoke with Officer Swinford who was first to arrive on the scene. Swinford had spoken with a Fulton County Community Corrections Field Officer who had located a pouch that contained a white crystalline substance. This item was laying on the coffee table in the living room.

Officer Mooney observed the brown leather zip-up case and two baggies that contained a white crystalline substance that officers believed to be methamphetamine and a scale. Also in the room was Mark A. Weaver, Jr., who Officer Mooney knew from prior police encounters at this address as the owner of the apartment.

Arrest photo of Earl Vanhoose, 48 of Peru

Peru, IN – Earl Vanhoose, 48 of Peru is facing charges of Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Paraphernalia following a traffic stop conducted at the Intersection of Wayne and Main Streets in Peru on January 23, 2019, at approximately 5:42 p.m.

According to Officer Brok Westfall’s probable cause affidavit, He observed the blue passenger vehicle stop at the stop sign at Water and 5th Streets where a male wearing a blue hoodie got into the front passenger seat of the vehicle. The car then activated its turn signal and proceeded east on 5th Street with Officer Westfall following. The vehicle then turned south onto Wayne Street and disregarded the stop sign at Wayne and Main Streets.

Officer Westfall activated his emergency lights and conducted the stop. While speaking with the male driver, whose name is redacted from the report by the prosecutor’s office, Officer Westfall requested Sergeant Raber to assist with the stop. The male passenger was then identified as forty-eight-year-old Earl Vanhoose of Peru.

Upon her arrival, Sergeant Raber utilized her K9 partner Fargo to conduct a “free air sniff” around the car with the K9’s behaviour indicating the presence of drugs inside the car.

Arrest photo of Steven Schenkel, 69 of Huntington, IN

Peru, IN – A sixty-nine-year-old Huntington man faces a charge of Operating While Intoxicated-Refusal after a traffic stop by Peru Police Officers on January 22, 2019, at approximately 3:51 p.m.

According to a probable cause affidavit, PPD Officer Brok Westfall made the stop after being advised by Officer Finnegan that he was following a possible drunk driver in his personal vehicle. Officer Westfall then observed the truck accelerate at a high rate of speed and disregard a stop light at Broadway and Washington.

Officer Westfall activated his emergency lights and proceeded after the truck. The stop took place near the intersection of Broadway and 6th Streets in Peru.

After contacting the driver, identified as Steven R. Schenkel, 69 of Huntington, Officer Westfall explained the reason for the stop and asked for Mr. Schenkel’s license and registration. According to his report, Westfall “had to ask Steven a second time for his license and registration.”

When asked where he was going, Steven advised that he was trying to do something nice for his girlfriend who had recently passed away. While talking with Mr. Schenkel, Officer Westfall observed that his eyes were glassy and he could detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle.

Arrest photo of Christopher McKinnie, 31 of Tipton, IN

Peru, IN – Christopher McKinnie, 31 of Tipton, IN is facing a charge of Operating While Intoxicated-Refusal following a traffic stop conducted at approximately 1:38 a.m. on Saturday, January 19, 2019, in Peru.

According to a PPD probable cause affidavit, the stop was conducted by PPD Officer Wyrick at the intersection of W. Main St. / N. Chestnut. Officer Wyrick observed Mr. McKinnie to be driving a red Jeep Compass after having encountered him during a previous call for service that evening. During that call, officers believed Mr. McKinnie to be under the influence of a narcotic stimulant. This was suspected due to Christopher speaking very rapidly and not being able to hold still.

Officer Wyrick conducted the stop after observing the vehicle drive completely into the northbound lane of travel with all four wheels in the opposite lane.

Arrest photo of April Frazier, 43 of Peru

Peru, IN – Forty-three-year-old April Frazier of Peru has been arrested by the Peru Police Department on charges of Possession of Methamphetamine and Dealing Methamphetamine following a traffic stop that took place at approximately 5:56 p.m. on January 22, 2019.

Ms. Frazier was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped in the 600 block of E. Main Street by PPD Officer Shawn Swinford. Officer Swinford observed the vehicle fail to signal a turn and was operating after sunset without headlights and taillights activated.

Upon stopping the vehicle, Swinford recognized both the driver, whose name was redacted from the report by the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office and the passenger, April Frazier from prior police contacts.

The driver of the vehicle did not have a driver’s license and the vehicle registration returned to a different automobile.

Arrest photo of Ashley Spoonhoward, 30 of Marion

Converse, IN – Thirty-year-old Ashley Spoonhoward of Marion is facing charges of Operating While Intoxicated – Endangering, Operating While Intoxicated – Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia and Possession of Narcotic Drug following a traffic stop in Converse on January 11, 2019, at approximately 1:38 p.m.

According to an Indiana State Police Report of Arrest, Ms. Spoonhoward was operating a blue 2012 Chevrolet westbound on State Road 18 approaching Jefferson Street. ISP Trooper Steven Glass observed that Ms. Spoonhoward was not wearing a seat belt correctly and that she failed to signal a northbound turn onto Jefferson Street.

Upon stopping the vehicle and identifying the driver, Trooper Glass detected the strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. He also observed Spoonhoward to have glassy/bloodshot eyes with slowed and slurred speech.

Upon explaining to Ms. Spoonhoward that he could smell burnt marijuana, she reached down on the passenger side floorboard and handed Trooper Glass a brown cigarillo containing plant-like material. This “blunt” would field test positive for marijuana.

Arrest photo of Timothy Gabbard, 29 of Kokomo

Peru, IN – A routine traffic stop early last Tuesday morning turned into a vehicle pursuit and K9 apprehension when twenty-nine-year-old Timothy Gabbard of Kokomo, IN sped away in a Chevrolet Equinox after initially stopping for Peru Police Officer Wyrick.

According to a PPD probable cause affidavit filed by Officer Wyrick, the gold Chevrolet Equinox was first observed weaving near the center line while driving east on East Main Street. Officer Wyrick then observed the vehicle pull into the McClure’s gas station in the 300 blocks of East Main.

While Officer Wyrick continued to observe the vehicle, after about 10 minutes, a female passenger got out of the vehicle and went into the store. The male driver then exited the parking lot turning south onto South Wayne Street without signaling.

Officer Wyrick continued to follow the vehicle and observed driving behavior. The driver came to a stop at the intersection of 2nd St. and South Benton, then activated the right turn signal and turned south. Officer Wyrick began to suspect the driver was attempting to evade him, so he activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop.

Before stopping, the driver of the gold Chevrolet Equinox turned into the alley between Canal and 2nd Street west of Benton Street.