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Dear Friends:

I was first elected to the position of Peru’s Clerk-Treasurer in 2016. Since that time, I have found ways to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the city.

In my first year, I negotiated better insurance terms saving thousands. Year number two I paid off all the City's unnecessary debt eliminating the use of taxpayer’s dollars to pay interest.

Perhaps my most effective strategy was the creation and implementation of a 5-year capital improvement plan. I find that through conservative spending and multi-year projections I am able to eliminate most unexpected expenditures allowing time for negotiating the best prices on goods and services for the City. Because of this strategic planning, I have raised the General fund's balance from $257,000 at the end of 2015 to $1.8 million dollars at the end of 2018 all while maintaining quality benefits packages and competitive wages for the City's employees.

During a recent bond rating review with S&P, the City garnered an A+ credit rating with S&P stating the rating reflected the City's strong institutional framework, strong budgetary flexibility and low debt ratio.

In January 2019, I became a certified grant administrator. Using my accreditation I have applied for, received and managed over 2 million dollars in grant funds and I am only getting started!

I hope to continue to serve as Clerk-Treasurer for the City if Peru and to continue pushing the city and our finances in the right direction!

Please vote for me this November so we can look toward the future with 2020 vision!

Tish Soldi, Peru, IN
City Clerk-Treasurer