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Dear Editor:

Republican candidate Rick Brown is an outstanding candidate for Miami County Sheriff and this letter is written to share why I give him my full support and highest recommendation for your vote.

I feel it is important for me to share with the people of Miami County that Indiana State Troopers are forbidden from publicly supporting candidates in any election by department policy. State Troopers are allowed to run for political office but are only allowed to campaign on their own time.

While they cannot come out in support of Rick, I can. I am a retired Indiana State Police Trooper, current Peru Community Schools Police Officer and former Peru Police Officer. I have worked alongside all three law enforcement candidates and have firsthand experience that Rick is the most qualified candidate.

As Rick and I covered Miami County together, I observed Rick’s professionalism, compassion, and honesty daily as we performed our duties. Rick has the confidence, professional attitude, and eagerness to perform as a leader that will serve the Sheriff’s department well. This is demonstrated by his supervision skills, experience, knowledge, and commitment to becoming the best officer he can. All of these qualities combined with Rick’s integrity, work ethic and technical expertise make him the BEST Candidate for the job as Sheriff of Miami County.

Ron Whitney
Peru, IN