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As we began this campaign last year, a group of current and former Sheriff’s Department employees and friends sat around a large table and began to brainstorm about the upcoming Sheriff campaign. Towards the end of the meeting, nearly all began to tell stories about times when Tim Hunter had helped them in their career or personal lives. For those of you who know Tim, this will come as no surprise.

The Sheriff’s Department is a family. We support Tim Hunter, not for perks or promotion, but because he has supported us for years and once again Tim is supporting his law enforcement family. Deputies have asked him for years to run for Sheriff and he finally said yes. Not for his own gain. He made it very clear to us that we had interrupted his plans involving a beach. Tim is running for Sheriff for us and the citizens of Miami County.

There is no candidate more qualified to run the Sheriff’s Department. He has run the jail, been the chief deputy, and been the acting Sheriff over his 42-year career. No other candidate has this experience.

If you have been to a fund-raising dinner for various groups recently you have probably seen us working. We have learned that through our efforts we have become known as the “red shirts”. If we have worked this hard for him now, imagine what we can accomplish when he is our Sheriff.

Deputy Linda Sutton (on behalf of 12 deputies and 4 dispatchers)
Amboy, Indiana