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Dear Editor,

The Ability to Achieve Positive Change is Fundamentally Dependent upon the values and character of the Leader.

When looking into the years ahead, Jeff Sinkovics is the only Candidate for Prosecutor 2018, that makes sense. As someone who has demonstrated his character inside and outside of the courtroom over the years, it is no secret that Mr. Sinkovics is someone who is for the people. The Prosecutor position is one of Authority and Mr. Sinkovics has demonstrated his ability to be firm and to handle every kind of case from murder to sex crimes as well as drug offenses and theft. His position regarding addiction and drug offenses are a positive step towards helping Miami County combat the Drug Epidemic that has plagued our community.

Allowing offenders to remain in society under strict supervision while they receive treatment, work to gain life skills, acquire job training/employment, learn parenting skills while rebuilding relationships with their children, and building a support system via a church or NA group helps to overcome the overwhelming experience offenders face after being withdrawn from society due to addiction and incarceration. Allowing them to Integrate themselves into society and become a functioning member of the community benefits, not just the addict but everyone!

In September of this year, I will celebrate 5 years of Sobriety! After battling an addiction to Methamphetamine that put me in jail and prison multiple times, not only had society given up on my rehabilitation, but I had given up on myself. In September of 2013, I once again found myself within the walls of the Miami County Jail, facing a substantial sentence for Meth. It was then I was given an opportunity for a 2-year inpatient treatment program. Days later my transformation began and has been ongoing since that day. I am beyond Grateful that Mr. Sinkovics believes in rehabilitating individuals, allowing me another opportunity to begin life and there are so many others just like me!

Addiction affects everyone, either on a personal level or by knowing someone who is battling with it. Jeff Sinkovics is passionate about a program in Miami County that would give many others that same opportunity. Your Vote on May 8, 2018, for Jeff Sinkovics as Prosecutor is the first step in allowing Miami County to break the cycle!

Jessica A Lewis