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Dear Editor.

I researched the wind project scheduled to occur in Miami county. I changed my thoughts on wind energy through this and realized that wind farms are a permanent change, once here, nothing will ever be the same. I am afraid that we will end up being stuck with a horrible decision.

Cancel this project! Fulton county stopped the wind farm plans. The contracts have gag orders. If this wind farm is so great, then why do they need gag orders? The wind companies buy off politicians, like what has happened in Peru. They are building a wind farm clouding our skyline with megaliths that stand over 600 feet tall, and chase away wildlife and people. This project will be one of the worst things to happen to Miami County (and Peru!)

RES says that people will travel here to take tours of the wind farm. We have an opportunity that we haven't even considered. It doesn't hurt anyone or cost a dime. The Wabash River has dozens of nesting Bald Eagles. We haven't fully considered tourism for bald eagle watching. Everyone says that Peru needs something besides the Circus... I think we could have eagles: Eagle Cafe, Eagle Pearch Dining, etc. The wind turbines will kill the eagles, and chase them off. I think I'd rather pay for tours of watching eagles fly free, than watching wind turbines spin around.

Informational meetings on March 6th. North Miami Elementary School Cafeteria (632 E. 900 N., Denver Indiana) at 4:00 pm, and The UCE building in Amboy (109 Academy, Amboy Indiana) at 7:00 pm.

Planning Commissioners meeting: March 14th at the Miami County Court House at 7:30 pm. We can have our voices heard, but only if we show up.

Stacy Mize
Peru, IN