Arrest photo of Eric Glatt, 42, of Kokomo, IN

Peru, IN – A Kokomo man who was driving a vehicle with an expired license plate and a suspended license was found in possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia during a traffic stop early Monday Morning.

The traffic stop took place at approximately 5:43 a.m. near the intersection of N. Broadway Street and East 8th Street on Monday, October 29, 2018.

According to his probable cause affidavit, PPD Officer Jeremy Brindle observed the white vehicle directly in front of his police vehicle and noticed the plates were expired. When he checked the registration status on his in-car computer system, the registered owner also showed as having a suspended license.

Upon conducting the traffic stop, Brindle confirmed the driver to be forty-two-year-old Eric D. Glatt of Kokomo, the registered owner of the vehicle whose drivers license was suspended. Mr. Glatt acknowledged that he knew his license was suspended.

While talking with Mr. Glatt, Officer Brindle noted that Glatt’s hands were shaking and his speech was slurred. He also noted that Glatt kept reaching down toward the center console of the vehicle.

Glatt was asked to step out of his vehicle and to walk back to the front of Brindle’s police vehicle.

Arrest photo of David Jones, 34, of Peru

Peru, IN – A Peru man who was wanted on four Miami County Warrants attempted to hide in a closet to avoid arrest by Peru Police Officers Thursday, October 25, 2018.

Officers were able to search the closet where the man was hiding once PPS Officers Brok Westfall transported him to the Miami County Jail.  They found methamphetamine Officers believe the man hid in the closet.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Westfall was advised by PPD Sergeant Raber that a large silver truck was driven through the grass near the Jean Apartments while she was conducting a patrol in the area.

Westfall responded to the location and found the silver truck parked in the 20 block of Jean Avenue, partially parked in the grass. While speaking with the female driver, A male, David L. Jones, 34 of Peru, who Westfall knows through prior law enforcement encounters, started to exit the apartment complex. When David made eye contact with Officer Westfall, he turned around and ran back inside the complex and up the stairs.

Officer Westfall confirmed the warrants with Miami County Central Dispatch. He then advised Sergeant Raber and Officer Smith via radio to come to assist. Officer Smith secured the rear door of the complex while Sergeant Raber secured the front door.

Arrest photo of Jeffrey Hardwick, 32, of Indianapolis

Miami County, IN – A road rage incident that took place on US Route 31 in Miami County ended with an Indianapolis man being charged with Pointing a Loaded Firearm and Criminal Recklessness with a Firearm last Saturday, October 20, 2018.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office by Indiana State Trooper Jesse M. Reason, Miami County Dispatch received a 911 call from a subject driving on US Route 31 approaching 100 north at approximately 1:29 p.m. on Saturday, October 20, 2018. The caller stated that a silver Honda Insight had attempted to cut them off in the construction zone where it moves to one lane at US Route 24. The caller also reported that the driver of the Honda displayed a firearm out the window at him.

Trooper Reason left the State Police Post and began traveling northbound on US Route 31 in an attempt to catch up with both vehicles. Near CR 800 N. and US Route 31, he located the callers white Dodge Ram. The caller had stayed behind the silver Honda Insight from a distance of approximately ½ mile to as to not cause another incident.

Trooper Reason then got behind the suspect Honda. While traveling behind the vehicle, Trooper Reason paced the vehicle at approximately 67 miles per hour. After the caller in the Dodge Ram confirmed that Reason was behind the correct vehicle, the Trooper initiated his front radar and confirmed the speed of the suspect vehicle to be 67 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone. Reason also observed the suspect vehicle travel left of center with both driver’s side wheels being over the center line. The license plate on the suspect vehicle was also expired.

Arrest photo of Bradley Conner, 25, of Indianapolis

Peru, IN – An Indiana State Trooper on a routine patrol found a man passed out behind the wheel of a car while waiting on a traffic light at the intersection of Business 31 and US Route 31 in Peru last Friday evening. The man was later found in possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, ISP Trooper Matthew Moon was on patrol northbound on US Route 31 approaching Business 31 on Friday, October 19, 2018, at approximately 7:47 p.m. when he stopped for a red light. As he was waiting for the light, Trooper Moon heard several vehicles sounding their horns. At this point, he observed a black 2017 Nissan on Business 31 facing westbound at the traffic light attempting to turn south. The vehicle had the green light but was sitting stationary with approximately fifteen to twenty vehicles waiting behind to proceed through the intersection.

When the light cycled through and turned red, Trooper Moon proceeded through the light and as he approached the vehicle he observed the male driver with his head slouched over and he was not moving. Moon immediately turned around and activated his emergency lights.

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Arrest photo of Mary E. Harns, 24 of Kokomo

Peru, IN - A Kokomo woman is facing charges of Possession of Handgun Without A License and Possession of Paraphernalia after being found early Friday morning at the B & K Root Beer Stand passed out in a vehicle that was in gear.

According to a PPD probable cause affidavit filed with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office by PPD Officer Jay Richardson, Mary F. Harms, 24 of Kokomo was located in a green Subaru at approximately 7:28 a.m. on Friday, October 19, 2018. Harms was unconscious in the running vehicle that was in reverse with her foot resting on the brake.

Richardson’s report indicated that he knocked on the window to wake Harms up and advised her to place the car into park and roll down her window. After placing the vehicle in park, Harms began looking at her phone. She was then advised by Richardson to open the driver’s side door and she complied.

Arrest photo of James Smith, 30, of Marion, IN

Miami County, IN – An investigation conducted by the Miami County Sheriff’s Department has led to the arrest of a Marion man on charges of fraud and theft for an incident that took place in Hartford City, IN in July of 2018.

According to a Miami County Sheriff’s Department probable cause affidavit, Deputy Nathan Freeman began the investigation on August 1, 2018, when he spoke with a citizen who reported that she had received a letter in the mail from a collection agency attempting to collect a debt of $65.12. Upon contacting the company, the woman learned that the debt was from a bad check written on a closed account to the Casey’s General Store in Hartford City, IN. The woman reported she had closed the account in August of 2017 and that she had no written the check.

Deputy Freeman then contacted Casey’s and requested any surveillance video they had on file that captured the transaction involving the stolen check. Deputy Freeman provided the store with a flash drive as well as the date and amount of the transaction involving the fraudulent check. Approximately one week later, the drive was returned with video of a white male and female purchasing cigarettes, energy drinks, candy and fuel with a check.

Arrest photo of Brandy Berends, 37 of Peru

Peru, IN – Brandy Berends, 37 of Peru is facing multiple drug charges following a traffic stop that took place in the area of Brownell and 3rd Streets in Peru on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at approximately 8:47 p.m.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained from the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, PPD officer Brok Westfall was patrolling in a marked police car when he observed a dark in color passenger vehicle stopped at the stop sting at Brownell and 3rd Streets. The vehicle then activated it’s turn signal and turned east onto 3rd Street. Westfall’s report indicated that he went to catch up with the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop. He continued on 3rd Street when he observed the vehicle parked on the south side of the roadway and occupied by two females. He then drove around the block and got behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights.

Upon approaching the car, he identified the driver as Brandy Berends, 37 of Peru. He advised her of the reason for the stop and collected her license and registration. Officer Westfall then asked for PPD Sergeant Raber to assist with the traffic stop while walking back to his vehicle to check on the license status of the driver.

Upon her arrival, Sergeant Raber utilized her K9 partner Fargo to conduct a “free air sniff” around the perimeter of the suspect vehicle. The dog’s behavior change indicated the possible presence of illegal drugs inside the car.