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Bunker Hill, IN, - Maconaquah Superintendent Dr. James Callane, school board members Allen Willson and David Scheblo, and school board President Robert Daine welcomed State Senator Stacey Donato for a corporation visit this past Tuesday. Donato is the Senator for District 18 which includes the counties of Miami, Cass, Fulton, and portions of Carroll, Marshall, and Kosciusko.

Donato’s goal for the visit was to become familiar with the new and exciting advancements within the corporation, as well as discuss ways she might help with educational development. Each Maconaquah principal escorted Senator Donato through their building, showing her some of the highlights and needs of the school.

At the elementary, principal Kelly McPike gave Senator Donato a tour of the different classrooms, highlighting their special education department and the therapy dogs being utilized. She discussed the financial help being received through grants and local awards which help fund those therapy dogs.

Upon arriving at the middle school, principal Craig Jernagan showed Donato his building’s newest ambition, Engineering Brightness. This group is working on building solar lamps that will be sent to countries overseas. The group of students involved commented on how much they enjoyed the opportunity to not only be creative but to help those less fortunate. Jernagan also introduced Donato to the Farm to School program. The senator was able to see the cattle and learn about how Maconaquah students are raising the animals to provide meals for the corporation.

At MHS, principal Chad Carlson gave a tour of the new Welding and Construction Trades classrooms. Senator Donato was able to hear about the school’s partnership with Ivy Tech, and the opportunities this has opened for many students interested in trades programs. Carlson also showed her the robotics classroom. The students were in the middle of a robot challenge, which provided a great opportunity for the Senator to see first hand what technical processes the students are learning.

As Pipe Creek principal Laura Fulton showed Senator Donato around her school, she discussed the use of STEM technology in her building and the ways it is advancing her students at even the kindergarten level. She also discussed the need for expansion of the preschool program as there is currently a waitlist of almost 50 students, and is continually growing.

Stacey Donato was a very welcomed guest at Maconaquah School Corporation, and Dr. Callane and the rest of the staff look forward to seeing the changes and advancements she will make during her term as Senator.