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Peru, IN – The Peru City Council had their regularly scheduled meeting on December 3, 2018, at 6 p.m. The meeting was held at the City Council Chamber in the City Building.

The City Council passed unanimously the proposed ordinance 30, 2018 - An ordinance to establish a non-reverting police seizure and forfeiture fund within the budget of the police department in accordance with Indiana code 34-24-1-9. The ordinance allows Peru Police Department to have a bit more control over seized funds and their distribution.

IC 34-24-1-9 states: Sec. 9. (a) Upon motion of a prosecuting attorney under IC 35-33-5-5(j), property seized under this chapter must be transferred, subject to the perfected liens or other security interests of any person in the property, to the appropriate federal authority for disposition under 18 U.S.C. 981(e), 19 U.S.C. 1616a, or 21 U.S.C. 881(e) and any related regulations adopted by the United States Department of Justice.
(b) Money received by a law enforcement agency as a result of a forfeiture under 18 U.S.C. 981(e) , 19 U.S.C. 1616a, or 21 U.S.C. 881(e) and any related regulations adopted by the United States Department of Justice must be deposited into a no reverting fund and may be expended only with the approval of:
(1) the executive (as defined in IC 36-1-2-5), if the money is received by a local law enforcement agency; or
(2) the governor, if the money is received by a law enforcement agency in the executive branch.
The money received under this subsection must be used solely for the benefit of any agency directly participating in the seizure or forfeiture for purposes consistent with federal laws and regulations.

In an example given by Peru Police Department Chief Meeks at the meeting was that in civil forfeiture funds, which is often money from drug crimes, the court decides where the money goes to. Chief Meeks used as the example, in a raid of $909.00, $272.00 went to Garrison Law Firm, $212.00 went to the Prosecutor’s Office, $360.00 went to the Peru Police Department, and $63.00 went to the local Schools.

Ordinance 30 passed unanimously.

The Council also adopted Ordinance 27, 2018 unanimously. This ordinance establishing salaries and wages of the civil city employees and appointees for the year of 2019.

The salaries established are as follows:

Mayor Administrative Assistant $31,679.13 per year ($1,218.43/bi-weekly)
Maintenance ($15.23/hr. X 2080 hrs.) $31,678.40 per year
City Attorney $33,639.13 per year ($1,293.81/bi-weekly) with litigation services as $100.00 per hr.
Clerk-Treasurer with 2 deputy clerks $38,001.60 per year ($1,461.60/bi-weekly)
Animal Control Human Officer $41,481.47 per yr. ($1,518.52/bi-weekly)
Building Commissioner $45,410.09 per yr. ($1,746.55/bi-weekly)
Building Administrator $31,679.17 per yr. ($1,218.43/bi-weekly)
Code Enforcement Officer $31,679.17 per yr. ($1,218.43/bi-weekly)
Zoning Administrator (Part Time) $12,817.00 per yr. ($492.98/bi-weekly)
Mowing Crew of 2 @ 36 hours a week x 30 weeks x $10.30/hr. - $22,000.00 per year.
Civic Center Director $16,471.42 per yr. ($1,372.62/monthly)
Traffic Department Traffic Supervisor $40,600.00 per yr. ($1,561.54/bi-weekly)
Asst. Supervisor $34,551.61 per yr. ($1,328.90/bi-weekly).
Sanitation Department Mechanic/Operator $36,184.75 per yr. ($1,391.72/bi-weekly)
Crew of 7 Driver/Laborer @ 7 x $16.12/hr. x 2080 hrs. ($234,707.20 per yr.) with Overtime at $8,757.42 per yr. and On-Call Pay of $3,451.00 per yr.
Motor Vehicle Highway Department Forman $44,430.61 per yr. ($1,708.87/bi-weekly)
Asst. Forman/Mechanic $38,299.00 per yr. ($1473.04/bi-weekly)
Heavy Equipment Operator $17.31/hr. x 2080 hours - $36,004.80 per yr. with overtime at $10,658.00 per yr.
Parks Department Park Mech/Superintendent $43,269.45 per yr. ($1664.21/bi-weekly)
Asst. Superintendent $29,719.20 per yr. ($1,143.05/bi-weekly)
Crew of 2 Park Operators X 40 hours a week X36 weeks X $10.00/hr - $28,800.00.
Golf Department Golf Course Superintendent $40,900.44 per yr. ($1,573.10/bi-weekly)
Golf Pro $43,389.22 per yr. ($1,668.82/bi-weekly)
Pro Shop Labor 2000 hrs. x $8.12/hr. = $16,240 per yr.
Park Operator 40 hours a week x 32 weeks x $8.56/hr. = $10,956.80 per yr.
Crew of 5 Park Operators @ 40 hrs. a week x 16 weeks x $8.56/hr = $27,392.00 per yr.
Aviation Airport Manager $31,200.00 per yr. ($1,200.00/bi-weekly).
Fire Territory Fire Chief $54,361.00 per yr. ($2090.81/bi-weekly)
Crew of 3 Asst. Chiefs $47,332.74 per yr. ($1,820.49/bi-weekly)
Crew of 3 Captains $44,666.32 per yr. ($1717.94/bi-weekly)
Crew of 3 Mechanics $42,667.56 per yr. ($1,641.06/bi-weekly)
Crew of 2 Inspectors $42,677.56 ($1641.06/bi-weekly)
Crew of 2 Investigators $42,677.56 per yr. ($1,641.06/bi-weekly)
Crew of 3 Lieutenants $41,949.95 per yr. ($1,613.46/bi-weekly)
Crew of 2 Training Officers $42,667.56 per yr. ($1641.06/bi-weekly)
Crew of 12 Firefighters $41,126.85 per yr. ($1,581.77/bi-weekly), Overtime of $65,000
Special Pay $500.00 per EMT = $14,000.00,
Uniform Allowance $31,000.00 ($1,000.00 per officer).
Police Department Police Chief $54,373.78 per yr. ($2091.30/bi-weekly)
Asst. Chief $47,706.33 per yr. ($1,834.86/bi-weekly)
Crew of 2 Captains $44,640.94 per yr. ($1,716.96/bi-weekly)
Crew of 6 Lieutenants $43,910.54 per yr. ($1,688.87/bi-weekly)
Crew of 3 Sergeants $42,909.66 ($1650.37/bi-weekly)
Crew of 16 Patrolmen $41,101.41 per yr. ($1,580.82/bi-weekly) Special Pay $6,800.00, Shift Differential $10,658.00
Crew of 3 Clerk/Sec $31,679.17 per yr. ($1,217.28/bi-weekly)
Crew of 4 Crossing Guards (10 mo. @ $400.00/mo.),
Overtime $22,330.00 per yr.,
Uniform Allowance $27,000.00 ($1,000.00 per officer).
Police Pension Secretary $1,850.00 per yr.
Fire Pension Secretary $1,850.00 per year.

Ordinance 28, 2018 was unanimously passed which was an ordinance establishing the 2019 annual salaries of all elected officials of the City of Peru, Indiana.

The salaries established are as follows:

Mayor $41,221 per year
Clerk-Treasurer $38,263 per year
City Judge $13,248 per year
Common Council members $6,642.00 per year.

Fringe Benefits for All full-time city employees include:

1. Public Employees Retirement Fund - Employees pay 3% of wages, exclusive of Fire and Police Departments

2. Group Health: City Health Insurance program: Employee participation A. Single $12.50 per pay, B. Employee & one dependent $17.50 per pay, C. Family $22.50 per pay. This participation will be deposited directly to each employee’s HSA, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance will be based on a 2-tier system: Single and Family. The Deductible will be $3,000.00/single and $6,000.00/family. The City of Peru will contribute $1,500.00/Single, $1,500.00/Employee plus one dependent and $2,000.00/Family to each employee's HSA paid quarterly.

3. City Employees who use their personal vehicle for city business shall be compensated at the rate set per Federal Government.

4. Longevity Pay will be paid to each full-time employee excluding Firefighters and Police Officers as follows: After one year of service, all employees will be paid 1/2 percent per year of service based on an employee's base pay. An increase in longevity will become payable each year on their anniversary date.

5. Firefighters and Police Officers will be paid according to the pay matrix in which at the third year of service they will receive a longevity amount of $206.00, which increases each year up to 20+ at $9,864.00.

6. Civil City Employees (non-exempt) will be paid overtime at one-and-one-half times their regular hourly rate for all hours worked over 40 hours per week. Paid time off and holidays are not included in the calculation of overtime pay. Firefighters (non-exempt) shall be compensated at the employee's regular rate of pay until the total hours worked in a designated 28-day period exceeds 212 hours. All hours worked in excess of 212 hours in a designated 28-day period shall be paid at one-and-one-half times the employee’s regular rate. Only hours actually worked count towards the calculation of overtime. Police (non-exempt) shall be compensated at the employee's regular rate of pay until the total hours in a designated bi-weekly pay period equals 80 hours. All hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a designated week shall be paid at one-and-one-half times the employee's regular rate. Only hours actually worked count towards the calculation of overtime.

7. All Sanitation, Motor Vehicle Highway and Traffic Department employees shall receive $300.00 per year clothing allowance.

8. The holidays for the city will be designated by the Mayor for the succeeding calendar year by each December 20th. All full-time and seasonal full-time civil city employees are eligible to receive holiday pay. Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible. When necessary for a department to provide services on a holiday, that employee will receive regular compensation for hours worked and will receive a substitute day off in lieu of the holiday during the same pay period as the holiday. Sanitation and Motor Vehicle Highway employees must work the day before a holiday to take the holiday off with pay. City Police will follow the same schedule as outlined in 8 above, and Peru Fire Department follows a separate holiday policy in accordance with City ordinances and resolutions.

9. Firefighters will receive 6 Personal Days to be taken with the authorization of their supervisor. All other city employees receive 4 Personal Days to be taken with the authorization of their supervisor.

10. The following Specialty Areas of pay for Police Department are as follows: 1 - Information Technology Officer, 1 - Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, 7 - Certified Field Training Officers, 2 - K-9 Handlers, 1 - Defense Tactics Instructor, 1 - Firearm Instructor. Officers may elect additional compensation for no more than 2 special Training Areas. Specialty Pay is payable to officers upon successful completion and certification of each course of study. All Specialty pay is $400.00 per individual. All Specialty training must be pre-approved by the board of works.

11. The following Specialty areas for the Fire Department are 25 @ $400.00 each for EMT Specialty.

12. All Full-Time employees will receive a $25,000.00 life insurance benefit (this benefit is non-transferable).

13. Police Shift Differential, the city will provide shift differential for officers who are scheduled to work 2nd or 3rd shifts at the rate of $0.35/hr.

In Other Business, The City Council:

Passed Resolution 16, 2018 - A resolution establishing rate tracking factor for the municipal electric company of the city of Peru. Peru municipal electric utility rate adjustment for the 1st quarter of 2019. Residential service: $0.030633, General Service $0.029858, Power Service $0.028391, Security Lighting Service $0.009293, Municipal Street Lighting $0.010775, Traffic Signal Service $0.012814. These factors represent an average increase in its schedule of rates for electricity sold in the amount of $0.000631 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Passed, with only nay vote being Holland.

There was also an additional appropriation transfer Resolution 17, 2018:

• $2,000.000 Local Law Enforcement Continuing Education
• $12,850.00 for Criminal Investigations (This was actually for a payback for new firearms purchases in which a change from 40 Cal Glocks, to 9 MM Glocks),
• $90,000.00 Public Safety LOIT which was said to probably be more in the range of $60,000 due to overcharges from AT&T that they must keep paying, but that they have been told by AT&T will be reimbursed. It was reported during the meeting that the County is having issues with AT&T as well.
• $24,000.00 for Officer Finnigan that was for back wages owed to him.
• $18.000.00 for Traffic Ordinance Violations.

This Resolution was unanimously passed.

Finally, a transfer of appropriations as requested by Clerk-Treasurer of the city of Peru, transferring of funds as the end of year cleanup to make sure that accounts have the balances that they are supposed to have. Unanimously passed.

With no further business, a motion to adjourn was approved. The next meeting of the Peru City Council will be held on January 7, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. 

Peru City Council Members include:

District 1: Blane Holland
District 2: Tom Gustin
District 3: Phyllis Torrence
District 4: Cheryl Lee
District 5: Terry Alley
At Large: Kurt Krauskopf
At Large: Jan Languell