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Special meeting prior to County Council Meeting with Ameresco at 6:00 p.m.
Ameresco is the company that the county contracted with to do energy assessments of the Jail and the Court House. You can read about Ameresco here:

02/19/2019 was the first committee meeting on the subject. On 04/02/2019 there was a financial discussion, and 04/16/19 (this evening) there was the Verification meeting with the Building Committee. For 05/21/2019 is the scheduled Project Discussion.

The Miami County Jail was built by RQAW in 2008 and so it is 10/11 years old. Ameresco stated that they have talked to Carrier which built the original HVAC System, Brought in the original controls manufacturer, and further investigated the Outdoor Air concerns for the inmates. Ameresco also did an audit for LED conversion, Building modeling, and continued the solar discussion. Ameresco found Scale buildup with Domestic boilers forcing the replacement of 8 heat exchangers in 10 years. The short run of the pipes and the large numbers of bends in the piping reduce the flow and exacerbate the build-up with breaks down the heat flow. There is an undersized unit as well. The peak hot water flow was tracked and found to start at about 9/10 am, and then the highest peaks were at dinner time. There was some talk of a potential solar array being built behind the building - a 220KW station. To the west of the jail is being reserved for expansion as RQAW drew out.

As far as the Miami County Court House is concerned, a building model was created, a light audit and LED conversion done. There is a boiler failure that was found, and Ameresco lined up Bryan Steam to remove the tube and have it analyzed to find out more information of what is causing the boiler failure. They investigated the current Air-conditioner (Chiller), and found that 1 circuit is totally out of freon, and 2 fans are down. That the unit only has a 20-year life cycle and is only 1/2 running. Suggesting that the unit has hit its maximum life cycle. They want to do more work with the control system in the building. Insofar as light issues. Judge Spahr has concerns with wanting to convert the chandeliers in his chamber to LED, and keep the old hardware. Further discussion was centered around light levels & light fall off, with a goal of about 50-62 foot candles. The boilers were found to be short cycling every 5 minutes or so.


Priorities at the jail: Recommendations:
*Domestic hot water modifications
*Addressing outside air minimum requirements
*LED Lighting conversions
*Water control & conservation

Additional Recommendations:
*PV Solar (Energy savings of about 10%), also the suggestion of checking into REMC/Wabash Valley Community Solar Program, stating that the REMC already has 3 people signed up for it.
*Replace HVAC Unites to Natural Gas

Benefits to county
*Energy Savings
*Operational and Maintenance Savings
*Decreased Unexpected Downtimes
*Focus on core maintenance responsible utilities.


Priorities at Court House: Recommendations
*Replace both boilers
*Boiler plant modifications
*other improvements
*Retrocommissioning, Retrofit HVAC equipment
*LED lighting upgrade

Other Options:
Retro-Commissioning existing HVAC System (replace Chiller/air conditioners), Clean coils & replace missing filters / Refurbish 22-year-old Boilers & Chillers.

Benefits to county
*Energy savings
*Operation and Maintenance savings
*Occupant Comfort
*Fiscal Responsibility

25-year-old Boilers
20-Year-old Chiller
15-Year-old Controller

Amaresco said that they have done 20+ Counties so far and that they are very helpful with working with the County Finance & Auditor

County Jail = 1.8 - 2.3 Million Dollars
County Court House - 1.5 - 1.9 Million Dollars

Next Steps:
Funding Path (2 Weeks)
Building Committee Scope (May 6th)
Recommendations to Commissioners
Project Development & Agreement (May 21st)
Finalize Development & Engineering (2nd Quarter 2019)
Energy Service Agreement (3rd Quarter 2019)
Execute ESA Notice to Proceed (3rd Quarter 2019)
Construction Begins (4th Quarter 2019)

There was a discussion of using CEDIT funds to pay for the recommendations. There was also discussion that there were 4 loans out until 2022, that perhaps structure something that finances after debts come off.

Solar recommendations, there are no grants available. As for savings, there was talk also of a tax credit, but that it wouldn't work for this project because it's not large enough.

Savings of 6,000 - 10,000 one time rebate through REMC for the County Jail, but no rebates available for County Court House because Peru Utilities does not do grants.

A member of the board mentioned that it would take 70 years of savings to pay for the project.

Ameresco asked who should be involved with the next meeting. It was recommended that Auditor Mary Brown and the County Council President should be there. Larry West also recommended Jim Tidd, when Mary Brown questioned why Tidd, Larry said because of the CEDIT money, that it comes and goes through Economic Development, but Mary Brown said that the CEDIT shares they are talking about have nothing to do with Economic Development.


Miami County Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
1. Call to order at 7:00 p.m.
2. Prayer
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Announcements
5. Approval of Previous Minutes and Election of Officers.
*March Minutes
6. Appropriations or Transfers
*Highway Wages $76,443.00
(Conversation discussed that first 3 weeks were hit with weather requiring the overtime). Motion carried, Unanimous.
*Transfer from Board of Commissioners to Plan Commission $15,410.00 (Conversation 15,000 from Misc. Line/surplus software together covers the $31,000.00 needed for the Planning Commission Administrator hired. Motion carried, Unanimous.
7. Items for Council Action
*Salary Amendment
A part-time clerical position is requested to be hired in the Planning & Zoning Office to take over that old position that was vacated by moving the person from that position to the administrator position. Stated that Money was there for that and that by the end of the year, there should be a little surplus of funds.
*Sheriff Contract - Salary change to $90,000.00.
Motion carried, Unanimous.
*Request for a new hire as Equipment Operator. Since Hileman retired (his position was foreman), and they do not need another foreman, he is requesting that vacancy be changed to be another "equipment operator". Next meeting they will eliminate foreman & transfer funds to another equipment operator position. Motion carried Unanimously.
8. Request for Audience
*Maconaquah Middle School - Maconaquah Cattle Company
Presentation by: Emmitt Smith, Maggie Hughes, Marxton Lard, Madalyn Rain. Maconaquah High School is the first middle school in the state to start this sort of project. They currently have 9 total cattle, and a total of 88 7th & 8th graders participating, with cattle being fed no matter what day it is. The feed is donated by local farmers at the grain banks. So, even on holidays kids are working and taking care of the cattle. The cattle are kept in a pull barn that is 30x40, and they still need to get electricity to it. The kids have run the electric fences themselves. They are using the beef for school lunches, and many kids are very loyal to the program, refusing to eat beef that is not raised by the program. Future goals include combining this program with the FFA at the High School. You can go to their facebook page and learn more about this very entrepreneurial program. Maconaquah Farm to School Program:

9. Council Discussion/Committee Report
10. Public Comment
11. Adjournment


Questions were asked about the Kelly Avenue Bridge, and who was paying for that. The answer was that the County was paying for it and that the project should end in November.

Also discussed was that the Sheriff Security system is currently being worked on. Along with discussion about the County Excavator, and his machinery needing work (John Deere).

Elaine Anderson inquired about her request from last month about an update of activities from Economic Development. Ralph Duckwall II responded that is scheduled for the next meeting.

The discussion then turned to the County Garage, and the inspection finds. Larry West stated that he believed that the early checkpoint was just done too early, that most of the issues were addressed as the completion of the building is being done. However; Larry West did say that there are a few issues that are still being negotiated such as misplaced posts, and the siding & nails issue. Apparently, the plans called for the neoprene washers, but the company that provided the siding also provided the screws. And according to the plans from the company, the neoprene washers are not required. However they are investigating it further to ensure that without the neoprene washers, there will not be consequences such as corrosion at an accelerated rate, or leaking.

Since there were no further comments or questions, the meeting was adjourned.