Arrest photo of Tara Dodson of Warsaw, Indiana

Bunker Hill, IN – Peru Indiana Today has obtained the probable cause affidavit from the incident that took place at Miami Correctional Facility on July 24, 2018, that resulted in the arrest of Tara S. Dodson, 31 of Warsaw, IN.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Miami County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Preston Howard and Miami County Sheriff Tim Miller responded to the Miami Correctional Facility on Tuesday, July 24 at approximately 10:30 p.m. for the report of an unwanted guest in the lobby of the facility. As they arrived at the scene, Deputy Howard witnessed a female leaning against a counter. The woman was identified as thirty-one-year-old Tara S. Dodson of Warsaw. Deputy Howard asked the woman what she was doing and according to his report, "she advised she was there on God’s Law. She continued saying the prison staff is supposed to release an inmate through God’s Law.”

Deputy Howard advised Ms. Dodson that she needed to leave the facility upon the request of the prison staff. She stated that she would not leave until the incarcerated subject was released. At this point, Sheriff Miller asked the ranking prison official, a Captain, to tell Tara to leave the grounds again in the presence of law enforcement. After the Captain advised the woman to leave, Sheriff Miller than advised the woman to leave the property and again she refused. Deputy Howard then approached Ms. Dodson and placed her into hand restraints.

While escorting the woman outside of the facility and down the sidewalk, Deputy Howard noticed that the woman had objects in her pocket. When asked what she had, Ms. Dodson advised she had a firearm in her waistband. Deputy Howard immediately retrieved the firearm and gave it to Sheriff Miller to secure the weapon. The weapon was a handgun in a holster in front of her waistband and was fully loaded with a bullet in the chamber. The woman also had an extra magazine. A female staff member from the prison staff then assisted Deputy Howard in conducting a pat search of Ms. Dodson.

While transporting the woman to the Miami County Jail, it was learned that she did have a valid handgun permit for the State of Indiana. The permit was later located in the woman’s purse. A sign posted just outside the entrance to the Miami Correctional Facility advises all that no firearms are permitted beyond that point. Law enforcement officials were unclear as to what Ms. Dodson’s intention was with the firearm inside the facility.

While being transported to the jail, the woman denied that she had any intention of using the weapon stating “Heavens no, that is my sword from God and I will only use it to defend myself.” It was also learned that she had been fasting with very little to eat since approximately July 20th. The subject she was trying to have released was her brother. She told Deputy Howard that she is supposed to be getting married, but her brother is the only one who can give her away.

Tara S. Dodson, 31 of Warsaw, IN. was charged with Criminal Trespass and Trafficking with an Inmate.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.