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BUNKER HILL, IN – Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) Warden William Hyatte is pleased to announce the promotion of eleven correctional staff members.

Nicholas Schoiber was hired at Miami Correctional Facility on June 1st, 2015 as a Correctional Officer. He is currently an Emergency Squad member and he is certified in Basic Emergency Squad Academy, Advance Chemical training, NIMS (National Incident Management Systems), shotgun, rifle, handgun, Quick Response Team, and Urinalysis. Schoiber is a newly promoted Correctional Sergeant and a great asset to the MCF team.

David North began his career in corrections at Miami Correctional Facility in November of 1999. He was promoted to Sergeant in May of 2002. After 13 years as a Sergeant, he left the state and moved to Missouri, where he worked as a Correctional Officer for the Greene County Sheriff’s Department in Springfield, MO. A year later he moved with his family to Tennessee, where he worked for the Tennessee Department of Correction. He worked at the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution for a year and a half where he was quickly promoted to Correctional Corporal. He returned to MCF as a Correctional Officer in November of 2017. “I am glad to be back in Indiana and at Miami Correctional where I feel at home,” stated the newly-promoted Sergeant.

Sabrina Nettrouer has been with the Miami Correctional Facility for over two years. She had prior law enforcement experience before coming to work for the Indiana Department of Correction. She has been certified for Quick Response Teams, shotgun, rifle, and a Field Training Officer. She attended the Women in Leadership program. “I look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and furthering my career in law enforcement.”

Kory Breaton started his career at Miami Correctional Facility on October 15, 2012. During his time at MCF, he received training and currently acts as a first responder. He is also a certified trip officer as well as shotgun and rifle trained. While working on nights, Breaton has spent time in every post available which helps him get a better understanding of the overall operations of the facility. He has proven to get along well with the other staff and gets the job done. Wanting to take on more responsibility, he applied for and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

David Carlile was hired in on May of 2013 and was assigned to multiple housing units. He was Quick Response Team trained in 2014. Carlile was selected to work in the facility control unit and quickly trained to be a count officer. He was IDACS (Indiana Data and Communication System) certified in 2017 and continued to work control/count for three years. Carlile is currently a trip officer and he recently promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Ryan Carter has been with the Miami Correctional Facility for over two years. He is an active member of the Emergency Response Team. He is Quick Response Team certified as well as rifle and shogun certified. “I look forward to mentoring and training new staff as they come in and I hope to be able to make positive changes within the facility,” stated the newly promoted sergeant.

Richard Crow has been with the facility for nearly five years, in which four of those years he has been on the Quick Response Team. He is trained on the Taser and is a first responder on a daily basis. He has also been a dedicated transportation officer for 3 years and has worked nearly every post in the facility. He has worked extensively in RHU, the yard, and in the disciplinary program units.

Brian Michael began his career at the Miami Correctional Facility in April 2008. He has been assigned to multiple posts within the facility. He plays a major role in the safety and security of the offenders, staff, and the facility. Michael has received a 10-year pin for his dedicated service with the Indiana Department of Correction.

Zachary Workman hired in on September of 2015 as a Correctional Officer. Workman has spent the last three years working D-Housing Unit, P-Housing Unit, Visitation, MCA (Level One), and yard. While working those posts he has recovered sharp-edged weapons, drugs, contraband and stopped multiple assaults on a daily basis. He has been trained and holds the following certifications- Quick Response Team, multiple weapons, Stinger grenade, Restricted Housing Unit Mental Health specialized training, and handgun. He is a dedicated trip officer assisting the facility on his off time. “I plan to use what I have learned through my three years of service, how to read offenders, learn locations or hiding spots for contraband, how to effectively talk to offenders and de-escalate situations.” He just recently promoted to Correctional Sergeant.

Josh Morgan hired in on July of 2012 at the Reception Diagnostic Center where he worked for one year. He then transferred to the Miami Correctional Facility. He became trained in Quick Response Team and firearms. Morgan transferred to MCF and worked a variety of post assignments to include Restricted Housing, yard and perimeter. He attended the Indiana Department of Correction Three-Tier Supervisory course and earned Officer of the Year in 2015. In March of 2015, he promoted to Correctional Sergeant. He was a supervisor for housing units, yard, and Restricted Housing. He also gained experience as assistant shift supervisor when one was absent. He is a Quick Response Team and firearms instructor. He has spent the entirety of his time with the Department on the Emergency Squad.

Cody Bockover has been with the Indiana Department of Correction since February of 2007. He has held numerous positions within the facility. He served as a Correctional Officer until October of 2011 and was then promoted to Correctional Sergeant. As a Correctional Sergeant, he served in multiple capacities that included Quick Response Team instructor, Field Training Officer, Dispatch Sergeant, SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) member, Emergency Squad Team Leader, Facility Trip Coordinator, Restrictive Housing Sergeant, and Utility Sergeant. In March of 2016, he accepted the position of Correctional Case Worker. One year later, he returned back to custody as a Correctional Sergeant. He is currently serving in the Indiana Army National Guard where he holds the rank of Staff Sergeant. He was deployed in 2009 and 2010 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“These eleven staff members will be an asset to the supervisory team here at Miami Correctional. We are truly excited to see what they offer the facility in their new positions,” stated Warden Hyatte.