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GRISSOM AIR RESERVE BASE, Ind. -- 100 Airmen from the 434th Air Refueling Wing were promoted between January and April. Their names are as follows:


Mark Copp, 434th Operations Support Squadron
Corey Fields, 434th Maintenance Squadron
Zachary Gaumer, 434th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Gregory Moolenaar, 434th Security Forces Squadron


Cassey Aniceto, 72nd Air Refueling Squadron
Antonio Cruz, 434th SFS
Christopher Dowell, 434th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Kellin Hardin, 434th OSS
Douglas Raymond, 434th MXS
Bradley Snow, 434th SFS
Jeremy Thorman 49th Aerial Port Squadron


Mariah Adair, 434th LRS
Richard Barrett, 434th SFS
Nicholas Bauer, 434th MXS
Thomas Boller, 434th Civil Engineering Squadron
Patterson Burks, 434th OSS
Michael Cochran, 434th SFS
Virginia Colon, 434th Force Support Squadron
Kara Curtis, 434th Air Refueling Wing
Phillip Gardner, 434th CES
Takiyah Hall, 434th FSS
Jennifer Harper, 434th LRS
Christina Howland, 434th OSS
Travis Jasgarszewski, 434th MXS
Lindsay Malmberg, 434th ARW
Brett McCarter, 434th SFS
Zacheriah Merkle, 434th CES
Jason Meyer, 434th MXS
David Miller, 434th AMXS
Donn Neff, 434th LRS
Derek Parrelly, 434th AMXS
Ryan Reese, 434th Maintenance Group
Brandon Roberts, 434th CES
Wyatt Shannon, 434th CES
Cory Shirk, 434th LRS
Timothy Sommers, 434th SFS
Adrian Szymczak, 434th Communications Squadron
Aaron White, 434th CES
Phillip Willis, 434th SFS


Shelby Allio, 434th SFS
Brittany Bell, 434th FSS
Eric Berger, 434th CES
Joseph Bird, 434th SFS
Stephanie Briones, 434th FSS
Matthew Carroll, 434th SFS
Tiffany Carson, 434th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Kara Chapman, 434th LRS
Erik Dale, 434th LRS
Tyrus Demerath, 434th MXS
Jordan Edwards, 434th SFS
Spencer Hessman, 434th SFS
Constance Hicks, 434th AMDS
Jesse Leslie, 434th MXS
Monte McNall, 49th APS
Desiree Mora Mundt, 434th AMDS
Karla Nesbitt, 434th AMDS
Terrell Nunnery, 434th SFS
Cory O’Connor, 434th OSS
Jordi Saunders, 49th APS
Zachery Strickland, 434th CES
Det Rek Suggs, 434th FSS
Justin Tuell, 434th SFS
Dominic Zaffino, 434th ARW


Scott Anderson, 434th AMDS
James Bishop, 434th MXS
Sylwia Bobak, 49th APS
John Campbell, 434th SFS
Jennifer Chavez, 434th SFS
Brian Cheek, 434th MXG
Ashley Cockle, 434th FSS
Yordan Dachev, 434th CS
Tristin Gardner, 434th CES
Reese Gibson, 434th AMDS
Ashton Huntzinger, 434th AMXS
Ciprian Iorgovan, 434th CES
John Juarez, 434th FSS
Connor Lahndorf, 434th OSS
Justin Manos, 434th SFS
Anthony Matthews, 434th FSS
Sammy Jo Miles, 434th MXS
Delanyce Rose, 434th FSS
Taylor Sheller, 434th MXG
Gregory Sims, 434th LRS
William Yarbrough, 434th SFS


Gideon Akinbolude, 49th APS
Cody Egner, 49th APS
Serena Guntle, 434th FSS
Jonathon Hoover, 434th AMDS
Lane Lucas, 434th MXS
Jienna Yost, 434th FSS


Ryan Adams, 49th APS
Katerina Blondet, 434th LRS
Madison Cook, 434th AMDS
Jonah Douglas, 434th AMDS
Dayonna Gary, 434th MSG
Luke Limecooly, 434th CES
Blake Merman, 49th APS
Gabriel Mota, 434th CS
Alissa Patterson, 434th AMDS
Keeven Towner, 434th CES

The 434th ARW is the largest KC-135R Stratotanker unit in the Air Force Reserve Command. The Citizen Airmen from the Hoosier Wing routinely deploy around the world in support of the Air Force mission.

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