Photo of Devin A. Toole, 23 of Peru

On Sunday, October 29th the Peru Police Department was involved in a vehicle pursuit which resulted in the arrest of Devin A. Toole, 23 of Peru.

At approximately 4:01 am, a blue passenger vehicle, which later was found to be driven by Toole, was observed committing a traffic violation at the intersection of Main Street and Grant Street. After following the vehicle for a short time, the vehicle was stopped at the vehicle at the intersection of Ninth Street and Fremont Street.

While trying to obtain information from Toole, he gave a false name and date of birth. While at the scene, K9 Darro conducted a free sniff of the exterior of the vehicle. K9 Darro alerted the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. When Toole was asked to exit the vehicle, he fled the scene. Officers began to follow. Toole went north on Fremont then east on Logan Street. Toole went to the intersection of Logan and Broadway, disregarding the stop sign at that location. Due to excessive speed, Toole crossed Broadway striking the curb on the east side. Toole exited his vehicle and began to run northeast through the parking lot of Peru High School. Toole had a black object in his hand that he refused to drop. He then began to reach into his coat pocket/waist band area.

Toole fell to the ground during the foot pursuit. After ordering him to drop the object, it was found to be a cell phone. After Toole was handcuffed, Officers located two baggies on him. One baggie tested positive for methamphetamine, while the other tested positive for heroin. Toole then told the Officers he had consumed an “8 ball” of heroin during the pursuit. Based on that, Toole was transported to Dukes Hospital for treatment.

Toole was charged with Possession of Heroin, Possession of Methamphetamine, Obstruction of Justice, Resisting Arrest with a Vehicle, Resisting Arrest on Foot, Reckless Driving, Maintaining a Common Nuisance, and False Identity Statement. He was also cited for Disregarding Two Stop Signs, Operating without Headlights, No Operator’s License When Required and Improper Turn.

Due to Toole claiming he had consumed heroin, and he was in custody, Officers were staying with Toole until he was medically cleared for release. Toole was projected to be released at approximately Noon on October 30th. While being monitored, Toole claimed he needed to use the bathroom. He was uncuffed at that time. At some point, he rushed the on-duty Officer. He struck the Officer numerous times in the head, then fled the hospital. Officers were able to locate Toole near the intersection of Tenth and Fremont where he was taken into custody.

Toole was additionally charged with Escape, Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.