Peru, IN – The word of the day must have been change. With only two incumbents winning re-election Tuesday, the Peru city government will look much different come January.

Miles Hewitt, a veteran Peru City Police Officer defeated incumbent Democrat Mayor Gabriel Greer and Independent Chris Wolfe. Hewitt won 841 votes, Greer had 691 and Wolfe had 369.

Democrat incumbent Tish Soldi lost to Republican challenger Susan E. Stanley 993 votes to 863.

City Court Judge Elizabeth G. Prize won unopposed in her race for City Court Judge receiving 1525 votes cast.

In the City Council races, the incumbents didn’t fare much better. In the District One race, Republican incumbent Blane C. Holland lost to his Democratic challenger Betsy Edwards Wolfe.

District two saw Republican incumbent Tom Gustin easily defeat Democratic challenger Brian A. Arwood by a vote total of 292 to 139.

The District three race had Republican challenger Peter Sahaidachny win over Democrat incumbent Jason Bowman by a vote total of 175 to 102. Bowman had been appointed by the Democrats to complete the term of the late Council Woman Phyllis Torrence last March.

The District four race saw Democratic incumbent Cheryl Lee fall to Republican Patricia A. Russell by a total of 219 votes to 139.

The District five race saw incumbent Republican Mark E. Ramsey score a victory over his Democratic challenger Joyce Greer, 226 votes to 92.

Finally, in the Council at Large race, voters elected one Republican and one Democrat to the City Council. The vote totals were Democrat Steve Anderson with 879 votes, Republican Kathleen L. Plothow, 807 votes, Republican Andrea J. Harris 754 votes and Democrat Carrie Young with 710 votes.

You can see the official vote totals with break-down of early and absentee votes by clicking HERE

Peru Indiana Today was able to speak with a few of the winning candidates at the Republican Headquarters on Tuesday Night. Here are their reactions:

Miles Hewitt, Mayor-elect: “I’m elated. I want to thank all the supporters that I’ve had, all the voters of Peru that came out and voted. I want to remind every citizen of Peru that I meant what I said on my slogan on our campaign that it’s our city and it’s their voice. I’m going to have an open door and I want to know what the citizens of Peru want to have happen to their city so that we can get it back on the prosperous road that it deserves to be on. I want every voter, all of them that voted and even the ones who didn’t, it’s your vote that put me in here, I’m working for you and I want to do the best I can for you.”

Susan E. Stanley, Clerk-Treasurer Elect: “Still trying to take time to process it but now the real work is going to begin. I just appreciate everyone’s support, and everybody’s help and I’m just glad we got it to this point. I’ve got several people already offering to help get me up to speed and telling me steps I need to take and the resources that are available to me and the training that is available. “

Kathleen L. Plothow, Council Member At Large Elect: “I’m ecstatic, and overwhelmed and humbled. We have a lot of work to do and it’s going to be fun. I just phoned my Dad in Utah, he’s crying so it’s a little bit difficult but I’m very excited to help Peru grow and just get everyone involved. Peru means the world to me, this city, the people in it, are just priceless to me. I want to get started listening to people and get some training so I know what I’m doing and then just help this city anyway I can. It’s just humbling, I’m just awe struck right now. But I want to get some training. We’ve got so many talented people here I just want to start building that and bring out the best of Peru and there is so much good here.”