Arrest photo of Josey Kenworthy, 32, of Somerset, IN

Peru, IN – Josey Kenworthy, 32 of Somerset, IN, is facing charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, and Possession of Paraphernalia after being arrested on three Miami County Warrants on June 27, 2019.

The arrest took place at the Marathon Gas Station on E. Main Street when PPD Officer Shawn Swinford observed Kenworthy’s vehicle parked at the pumps at approximately 2:57 p.m. on June 27th.

Officer Swinford kept a visual on the truck and observed a subject in the front driver seat of the vehicle. A few moments later, the vehicle proceeded through the parking lot and parked on the west side of the lot. Swinford entered the parking lot and exited his police vehicle to conduct a consensual encounter with the driver.

Upon approaching the vehicle and knocking on the window and asking the male subject to roll down the window, the male inside just shook his head “no” and ignored the officer. A few seconds later the subject rolled down the window a couple of inches. Officer Swinford was able to identify the driver as the wanted subject, thirty-two-year-old Josey Kenworthy, whom Swinford knew to have multiple warrants for his arrest at this time.

Mr. Kenworthy was ordered to get out of the vehicle multiple times by Officer Swinford and each time he ignored the commands. Officer Swinford then moved around the rear of the vehicle to proceed to the driver’s side door. While moving, he observed Kenworthy begin to reach around the vehicle in an abrupt manner.

Swinford again ordered Kenworthy to exit the vehicle multiple times but he continued to ignore the commands. Officer Swinford believed that Kenworthy was attempting to conceal contraband. He was also unsure if Kenworthy had a firearm. Swinford then drew his sidearm and continued to order Kenworthy to get out of the vehicle.

Kenworthy would eventually exit the vehicle shutting the driver’s door behind him. Kenworthy was then placed in handcuffs and was read his rights. Central Dispatch confirmed that Kenworthy had three outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Other officers arrived on scene to assist. A search of Mr. Kenworthy did not find any items of contraband on his person.

The owner of the Marathon Gas Station advised that he did not want the vehicle left on his property so Officer Swinford contacted Central Dispatch to have them send a tow truck to take possession of the vehicle.

PPD Sergeant Raber arrived on scene and conducted a “free air sniff” around the vehicle with her K9 Fargo. The K9’s behaver indicated the presence of narcotics inside the suspect vehicle.

Officers then conducted a vehicle inventory and located various amounts of cash, two cell phones, cell phone chargers, a wallet, clothing items, a backpack, sunglasses, toolbox with various tools, and miscellaneous clothing items. Sergeant Raber also located a plastic cellophane wrapper that held a white powdery substance. Testing on this substance was inconclusive. She also located a glass smoking device containing a burnt residue of a white crystal rock-like substance and a small plastic bag containing a white crystal rock-like substance that would test positive for meth and weighed approximately 1.4 grams as packaged. A black digital scale was also located.

The vehicle was then towed from the lot by Bowman’s towing. Kenworthy was then transported to the Miami County Jail.

Josey Kenworthy, 32, of Somerset, IN, was arrested on three Miami County Warrants and charges of Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Paraphernalia.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.