Arrest photo of David Wade, 47 of Kokomo

Peru, IN – A Kokomo man is facing a charge of Residential Entry after being found on a couch inside a residence in the 500 block of E. Main Street on May 3, 2019, at approximately 12:47 a.m.

According to a Peru Police probable cause affidavit, PPD Officer Michael J. Vinapal was dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of E. Main Street for a complainant who thought someone had broken into her home. The complainant was reported to be upstairs in the residence with the subject believed to be still inside the home.

After arriving at the residence, Officer Vinapal located the complainant standing on the front porch with a witness. The woman advised she was fearful of the intruder due to her children being upstairs.

Officer Wyrick then began speaking with the subject inside the residence on the couch and identified him as David A. Wade, 47 of Kokomo, IN.

Officers learned that Mr. Wade was dropped off in Peru by his wife and was hanging out with a subject whose name was redacted from the report by the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Wade stated that he thought that the subject dropped him off at the residence as he was the last person he remembered seeing.

While talking with Mr. Wade, Officer Vinapal detected a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Mr. Wade’s breath. He also noted that Mr. Wade’s speech was slurred as he spoke.

Mr. Wade was then asked to step outside to the porch. He stated he was sorry about being in someone’s home and stated he did not know what happened.

Mr. Wade was then asked if he had taken any illegal drugs. At this point, Mr. Wade became very “aggressive” by stepping towards Officer Vinapal and stating that he does not do drugs. Officer Vinapal advised Mr. Wade to step back and wade complied and apologized.

According to Vinapal’s report “David would be calm then aggressive then calm again.”

Mr. Wade reported that he lives in Peru but would not tell officers what he was doing in Peru. According to the report, he was able to identify that he was in Peru but did not know which street he was on.

David began acting aggressive again by stating “let’s get this going” and “let’s do this”. At this point, he was placed in handcuffs and advised he was under arrest for Residential Entry.

Upon being escorted to Vinapal’s police vehicle Mr. Wade wanted to know Officer Vinapal’s name. He then made partial threats such as “I’m going to tell you what” and “when I get out” but would not finish his statements.

Mr. Wade as asked to provide a portable breath test sample and he refused.

Upon arrival at the vehicle, Mr. Wade stated, “what are you going to throw me into your car.” Officer Vinapal advised Wade to have a seat in the car. While Wade was entering the vehicle, he banged the right side of his head on the top of the door opening. He was then transported to the Miami County Jail.

Upon arrival at the Miami County Jail, Mr. Wade was asked to step out from the vehicle, and he raised his voice and stated, “don’t you know I have two broken ankles and a broken wrist.” When asked if he needed assistance in getting out of the vehicle, Mr. Wade told Officer Vinapal that if he touched him, he would sue. He then exited the vehicle and walked to the booking station.

After removing the handcuffs, Officer Vinapal overheard Mr. Wade tell Jail Deputy Strong that he “wished that I would take off my uniform so he could fight me.”

David Wade, 47 of Kokomo faces a charge of Residential Entry.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.