Arrest photos of Giamone Locke, 35, of Kokomo and Jacob Aulds, 34, of Peru

Peru, IN – A traffic stop for failure to stop for a stop sign ended in the arrest of two men on drug charges on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at approximately 2:13 a.m.

According to a PPD probable cause affidavit, the traffic stop took place when PPD Officer Wyrick observed a red Chevrolet passenger vehicle fail to stop for the stop sign at the intersection of 9th and Tippecanoe Streets. Officer Wyrick then conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle just west of Wayne Street on 9th.

While approaching the vehicle, Officer Wyrick observed the male driver, later identified as Giamone Locke, 35 of Kokomo, IN moving around in his seat. Officer Wyrick then requested PPD Officer Brindle to be en-route to assist with the stop.

A passenger in the vehicle verbally identified himself as Jacob Aulds, 34, of Peru.

Officer Brindle arrived and conducted a free air sniff on the suspect vehicle with his K9 partner Darro. Darro’s behavior indicated the presence of illegal drugs inside the vehicle.

When both men were asked to exit the vehicle, and with the door’s open, Officer Wyrick could smell the odor of marijuana coming from within the suspect vehicle.

Both men were searched with nothing being found.

A search of the vehicle would result in the location of a clear cut plastic straw with a white residue and a razor blade with a reside. Inside a green washcloth inside Adidas shoe officers located a glass smoking device with a white and brown residue. In the other shoe was a butane lighter.

Officer Smith located a silver kitchen spoon with residue. This item was located in a backpack located on the front passenger floorboard where Mr. Aulds was seated.

Due to the items found in the vehicle, a secondary search was done on both subjects. Officer Brindle located a small brown glass pill bottle containing a white powder substance inside Mr. Locke’s sock. The powder would test positive for cocaine and weigh approximately 7.3 grams.

All of the paraphernalia items field tested positive for cocaine.

Mr. Locke was read his Miranda warning and was then asked if the razor blade and straw were his and he replied yes. He also stated that the cocaine was his. He denied that the smoking device was his and explained that the shoes belonged to a friend whose name was redacted from the report. Locke reported he was taking Mr. Aulds home from work from a local restaurant that closed at 11:00 p.m. Locke reported that he was at work late due to restocking the bar and closing out his cash drawer.

Mr. Aulds was then read his Miranda warning and he advised that the backpack was his and the spoon was his. He stated he got the spoon from his kitchen and took it to work along with food to eat. He was then informed by officers that the spoon tested positive for cocaine. Aulds was then asked why the car smelled like marijuana and he informed officers that he smoked marijuana while at work.

Mr. Locke informed officers that he had pills inside a silver canister on his key chain. Inside the canister, Officer Wyrick located six pills. The pills were identified and Mr. Locke informed officers that these were his prescriptions. Locke was then asked why they were not in an approved contained and he informed officers that it was so that he did not have to carry the bottles. Locke was then informed it was against the law to have them in possession without the bottles.

Jacob Aulds, 34, of Peru was transported to the Miami County Jail on a charge Possession of Paraphernalia.

Giamone Locke, 35, of Kokomo was transported to the Miami County Jail on charges of Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Possession of a Legend Drug.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.