Arrest photo of Sixto Morales Arenas, 55 of Peru

Peru, IN – Peru Police officers responded to a report of an intoxicated male who had fallen into a bush in the area of W. Main Street and Chestnut Street on February 26, 2019, at approximately 1:56 p.m.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the male was wearing jeans, a brown coat and black bag was staggering around and had just fallen into a bush. While en route, Central Dispatch advised the man was walking again, had again fallen and was trying to get up.

Officers searched the area and finally located the subject in the alley by the Main Street Smoke Shop at Main and Walnut Streets. The man was laying in the grass behind someone’s garage. As officers approached the man, he tried standing and fell over again onto his hands and knees before slowly standing up.

The man was identified by a Mexico Consular ID Card as Sixto Morales Arenas. Mr. Arenas did not have any state identification or proof of United States citizenship. When asked if he had any state I.D.card, according to the report he said that he didn’t have to.

Mr. Arenas said he was trying to make it home. Officers asked if there was anyone that could come pick him up and Arenas said he was going to walk home.

While talking with Arenas, Officers noted the strong odor of alcoholic beverages emitting from his breath. According to the report, they also noticed that “Sixto’s pants were wet in the crotch area, and his pants zipper was down.”

Mr. Arenas did provide the name of a female subject who Officer Mitchel called but who refused to come to pick him up. While making this call the officers observed that Sixto could not stand very well and that he almost fell over several times before Officer Mitchell sat him on the ground for his safety.

Officers then administered a portable breath test with a result of .210% BrAC.

Due to officers observing Arenas falling down, and the fact that he could not stand while speaking with officers, he was then placed under arrest for Public Intoxication as a clear danger to himself. Arenas was then assisted to the patrol vehicle for transportation to the Miami County Jail. The report indicated that Mr. Arenas almost fell while being escorted to the patrol vehicle.

Upon arrival at the Miami County Jail, Jail staff administered another breath test with a result of .240% BrAC.

Sixto Morales Arenas, 55 of Peru faces a charge of Public Intoxication.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.