Arrest photo of Bradyen Michelle Berkshire, 18 of Logansport

Miami County, IN – New details have emerged from the release of the Miami County Sheriff’s Department probable cause affidavit following the investigation of the shooting death of Nathaniel Joe Hopper last Sunday at the Circle Inn Mobile Home Park on N. Mexico Rd.

In the probable cause report filed by MCSD Detective Sergeant Gary Glassburn and obtained from the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, Officers were called to the residence at the Circle Inn on February 3rd for a reported gunshot victim.

Upon officer arrival, the victim, Nathaniel Hopper was found in a bedroom deceased with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his head. Officers identified two female subjects in the residence. Bradyen Michelle Berkshire, 18 of Logansport and a second female whose name was redacted from the report by the prosecutor’s office.

Ms. Berkshire had a wound to her left hand. Prior to being transported by EMS workers, she made a recorded statement with Deputy Larry Cattin. According to the report, Berkshire told Cattin “Nathaniel picked a gun off the floor, ejecting the Magazine, placing it to his head and pulling the trigger causing the weapon to fire.” “She stated it was an accident.”

The second female reported she was asleep at the opposite end of the residence and did not observe or hear any of the events.

Officers immediately secured the scene upon arrival and a search warrant for the property was obtained.

During their investigation, it was discovered blood stains on the weapon were inconsistent with the lack of blood stains on the deceased’s right hand.

On February 4, 2019, at 3:33 p.m., Detective Sergeant Gary Glassburn interviewed Ms. Berkshire after advising her of her rights. During her sworn statement she stated that she and Hopper were both playing with a gun, dry firing at times.

This play action culminated in her pointing the gun at his head with Hopper reportedly telling her to pull the trigger, that nothing would happen.

Berkshire admitted to holding the gun, pointing at the victim’s head and pulling the trigger. She stated she believed the weapon to be unloaded.

The weapon discharged sending a bullet through the victim’s head and into her left hand. She described her left hand as being positioned in his hair somewhere on the side or back of his head.

Berkshire also admitted to consuming alcohol and marijuana prior to the shooting.

After the shooting, Berkshire admitted to placing the gun in the deceased’s right hand and a magazine in his left hand. This was done in an attempt to mislead investigating officers causing it to appear as though he shot himself.

During her recorded statement, Berkshire reported she was part of an organized shooting team and had participated in gun safety training.

Bradyen Michelle Berkshire, 18 of Logansport has been formally charged with Reckless Homicide as a level five felony and Obstruction of Justice as a level six felony.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.