Arrest photo of Katlyn Roseberry, 20, of Peru and William Biggs, 44, of Logansport, IN

Peru, IN - A Logansport man and a Peru woman are facing multiple drug charges following a traffic stop conducted on January 2, 2019, at approximately 3:26 p.m. The stop took place on Boulevard west of Fremont Street.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by PPD Officer Shawn Swinford, the stop took place after he observed a silver Dodge Neon fail to yield the right of way to a blue SUV almost causing a collision at the intersection of Boulevard and Grant.

Officer Swinford immediate pulled behind the suspect vehicle to conduct the traffic stop with the Dodge taking a few moments to pull to the right of the road then slowly come to a stop.

Upon approaching the vehicle, which had very dark tint making it hard for Officer Swinford to see inside, he noticed that the driver’s side window was about halfway down. Upon arriving at the driver’s side door, Swinford observed the driver reaching down with both hands in an abrupt manner.

Swinford immediately yelled for the driver to show his hands. The male failed to comply which lead Officer Swinford to believe that he may be trying to conceal contraband. Not sure if the man was reaching for a firearm, Officer Swinford drew his sidearm and yelled for the driver to show his hands multiple times and the man continued to reach toward the right side of his body ignoring the commands.

Officer Swinford again yelled for the man to show his hands and at this point, he complied.

Swinford then recognized the male driver to be William Biggs, 44 of Logansport. He then ordered Mr. Biggs to place his hands on the steering wheel and not to move. Officer Swinford also ordered the three other individuals in the vehicle to keep their hands up and place them on the front dash or back side of the seats in front of them.

Officer Swinford then used his radio to call for other city units to come to his aid. He then asked for Mr. Biggs for his license and registration information. As other Peru Units arrived Swinford returned to his Police vehicle to see if a State Police K9 unit was available to assist.

ISP K9 Officer Clark arrived on scene a short while later and conducted a free air sniff with his K9. The dog had a change of behavior on the vehicle that indicated the presence of drugs.

Mr. Biggs was then asked to step out of the vehicle to be searched. When asked if he had anything on him that Officer Swinford needed to be aware of, he hesitated and then said he thought he had a needle on him. Biggs was then placed in handcuffs and advised that he was being detained at this time.

A Miranda warning was then read to everyone present.

Officer Mooney conducted a search of Mr. Biggs and located a capped hypodermic syringe and a plastic baggy containing a tan in color powdery substance. That substance would later field test positive for heroin.

ISP Trooper Russell arrived on scene to assist with the search of the female occupants of the vehicle. The front seat passenger was then identified as twenty-year-old Katlyn Roseberry of Peru. A search of Ms. Roseberry would locate a clear plastic bag with two small “gram” size plastic baggies that contained a white crystal rock-like substance that would later test positive as methamphetamine, two small purple in color plastic straws that contained residue of a white crystal-like substance, one “gram” size plastic baggy that contained a thicker orange in color powdery like substance, one cellophane plastic wrapper that contained two small pieces of aluminum foil and another plastic baggie that contained in excess of 25 “gram” size plastic baggies. When asked about the orange in color powdery like substance, Katlyn told Officer Swinford that it was “chemi”, an illegal synthetic drug. The two folded aluminum foil packages are commonly seen with heroin packaging.

Ms. Roseberry also admitted to having additional items hidden on her person and was allowed to retrieve them. She then produced a plastic bag that contained a large amount of white crystal rock-like substance that would later test positive for methamphetamine and weighed 28.6 grams.

The two passengers in the back seat were then identified and searched with nothing illegal found in their possession.

During a search of the vehicle, additional items were found including a small baggie with a white powdery substance inside on the front passenger floorboard near where Ms. Roseberry was seated. This substance would later field test positive for heroin.

A black in color digital scale was located in the center console as well as a tin foil container that contained clear empty capsules with suspected marijuana seeds. There was also a yellow in color circular pill located on the floorboard of the back passenger seat.

Officer Westfall also located a purple in color notebook with writings about drug purchases and sales. Including dollar amount for a gram and ounce of “boi” (heroin) “chemi” and “spice” (synthetic drug).

While searching the vehicle, Officer Rushforth also located two cell phones. While conducting the investigation, these cell phones received multiple messages regarding drug sales. They were taken into possession as evidence.

Biggs, during questioning, admitted that the drugs found hidden on Rosenberry’s person were his and not hers.

William Biggs, 44, of Logansport, IN was arrested on charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Cocaine or Narcotic, Possession of Syringe, Dealing Methamphetamine and Dealing Cocaine/Narcotic. He was also issued a citation for failure to yield.

Mr. Biggs was previously arrested on November 5, 2018, in Peru with 73.8 grams of Meth. You can read about that arrest by clicking HERE.

Katlyn Roseberry, 20, of Peru was arrested on charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Dealing Methamphetamine, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Synthetic Look-A-Like, Possession of Cocaine/Narcotic, and Dealing Cocaine/Narcotic.

Ms. Roseberry provided PPD with a recorded statement. In the statement, she admitted that she and William were going to sell the “dope” they were caught with and also admitted that both her and William deal meth and heroin recreationally. She continued by stating that she and Mr. Biggs are “business partners”.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.