Arrest photo of Nathaniel Rader, 37 of Peru

Peru, IN - A Peru Man is facing charges of operating a Motor Vehicle with prior convictions (a Level 6 Felony) and Operating a motor vehicle endangering (a Class C Misdemeanor) following a traffic stop conducted in the early morning hours of Monday, October 1, 2018 in the area of W. River Road and Business 31, Peru.

According to an amended probable cause affidavit filed with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, PPD Officer Andrew J. Doran conducted a traffic stop on a silver in color Nissan Quest minivan at approximately 1:42 a.m. Officer Doran was advised by PPD Officer Brindle that the minivan had just passed him on Main Street, striking a curb. The vehicle then suddenly signaled to turn onto Business 31. Officer Doran reported he had to quickly catch up to the vehicle because it was pulling away from him traveling over the posted speed limit. After crossing the bridge on Business 31, the van quickly signaled to turn right onto River Road. The driver failed to signal within 200 feet because he signaled right before turning. At this point, Doran engaged his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop on the van.

Upon approaching the driver’s side door, Doran reported he could smell the odor commonly associated with alcoholic beverages coming from inside the vehicle. The driver was then identified as Nathaniel Q. Rader, 37 of Peru. Doran noted that Mr. Rader’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot.

When Officer Doran asked for Mr. Rader’s license and registration, Rader handed him the insurance information for the van. Rader was then asked if he had anything to drink and Rader said that he had a couple of beers.

Rader was then given some standardized field sobriety tests. Rader also consented to a portable breath test and blew a 0.174 BAC. Based on the results of the tests, Rader was taken into custody due to Officer Doran having enough probable cause to believe that he had been operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. He was then placed in mechanical wrist restraints and placed in the rear passenger seat of Doran’s police vehicle.

Once at the Miami County Jail, Mr. Rader was read implied consent and he then refused to take additional alcohol tests. Rader was advised that his refusal will result in the suspension of his driving privileges for at least one year and he stated that he understood. He also refused to answer additional questions about how much he had to drink that evening.

Mr. Rader was then turned over to the jail staff at the Miami County Jail.

Nathaniel Rader, 37 of Peru is being charged with operating a Motor Vehicle with prior convictions (a Level 6 Felony) and Operating a Motor Vehicle-Endangering (a Class C Misdemeanor). He was also issued a citation for Failure to Signal within 200 feet.

All criminal suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.