DUI checkpoint graphic

Miami County, IN - Officers from the Peru Police Department and deputies from the Miami County Sheriff's Department will be joining together to conduct a DUI checkpoint this weekend.

During the late evening hours on Friday, September 14th, 2018 local law enforcement agencies will be conducting a DUI sobriety checkpoint in Peru. The checkpoint will aim to detect impaired drivers on our roadways to ensure everyone can reach their destinations safely.

The sobriety checkpoint will add a minimal delay to your regular schedule. When entering a checkpoint, you can make your encounter more speedy by ensuring you have your driver's license and vehicle registration ready. Officers will briefly check these documents while observing for signs of driver impairment.

Peru Police Officer Keith Smith, who is responsible for the planning and execution of the checkpoint, offered some tips for a pleasant, quick encounter at the checkpoint:

- Drive sober! After about two drinks, the average person begins to experience a decline in visual functions and multi-tasking skills required for safe driving.
- If you will be drinking Friday night, or any night, make arrangements in advance to have a designated sober driver.
- Be a good friend. If you know a friend has had too much to drink and they plan on leaving in a vehicle, take their keys.
- If you are behind a vehicle you suspect is impaired, call 911 immediately.

This checkpoint is part of the Summer Impaired Driving Enforcement Project ("SIDEP"), a project aimed at detecting and deterring impaired drivers on our shared roadways.

"We only have a few officers participating in the extra SIDEP patrols this year, but these officers are trained and highly experienced in seeking out drunk or drugged drivers. They maintain a zero-tolerance policy for impaired, dangerous drivers in order to keep the city safe," said Officer Smith. "Since May 25, 2018, these officers have made about 45 arrests during SIDEP patrols, with about one-third being DUI arrests. The remaining arrests are primarily comprised of illegal drug possession, underage drinking, and other dangerous activities."