Rea Bates

Why Hire a Professional?

There are so many times in our lives when we might think, “Why should I hire someone to do _________, when my [friend/cousin/whatever] can do it? Sometimes the answer is that you shouldn’t. But often there are often good reasons to hire someone who is a professional.

Let’s take a wedding, for instance. Your cousin might take good pictures, but is does she know how to capture your special day in the best way possible? Does she know how to adjust for low lighting in during the ceremony and bright lighting during the reception? Does she know how to work with the DJ and the caterer to make sure they’re all ready for the next step? Is she insured in case she trips over the DJ’s cords and wipes out his speaker?

How about the transportation? Sure, your brother-in-law’s friend could drive you in his fancy car. But will he be dressed well or wind up in the photos in his cut-offs and flip flops? Will he indulge in the champagne toasts and wind up getting arrested for driving while intoxicated while he’s driving you from the reception to the airport?

Sure, your friend has a great playlist, but as a DJ will he keep the reception going or let it fizzle out before you’re ready to leave the bash? Will he be ready to approve or decline requests?

You may know someone who bakes beautiful cakes, but will he or she know how to get that beautiful cake to your reception in one piece? Or whether the buttercream frosting is a good idea on that date in that location?

As I said, there are times when taking a friend up on their offer to help out makes perfect sense. On the other hand, there are times, once-in-a-lifetime moments, when it makes sense to pay a professional for their expertise. Professionals know what can go wrong. They understand the importance of your special day, whether that day is your wedding, a graduation, or whatever.

The more important the occasion, the more sense it makes to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Next week I’ll talk about how to make sure you’re hiring the right professional.

May your week ahead be filled with sunshine.


Rea Bates is an Independent Consultant with the Pampered Chef. You can see her Facebook Page by clicking HERE. Her column appears each Sunday in Peru Indiana Today.