Play Flyer
Are ye landlubbers ready for an ADVENTURE? The Shakespearean Portrayers have lost their loot in this last “Tempest” and need some shipshape seadogs to help gather their TREASURE.  If you think you have the stomach for it, follow the directions below… but let me warn ye…. If ye be a scurvy bilge rat that plans to hornswaggle me crew, ye will pay heartily, with a walk down de plank!
STEP 1…. Like our page on Facebook at “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Play” (note: don’t worry about us blowing up your news feed.  In four weeks we set sail for at least a year!).
We also have a group by the same name linked to this page if ye want to know about up coming voyages or connect with other buckaneers be our friend).  
STEP 2 …. Beginning Monday July 10th, watch for a riddle. This riddle will lead you to a Miami County business, who is a treasure map holder.  Figure out which business that riddle might refer to!  In that riddle, you will be directed to a phrase (in bold).  This week's clue is on our page now! 
STEP 3…. On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of that same week (so for the first week – the 11th, 12th or 13th) go into the Treasure map business during that businesses’ regular business hours, find an employee, and say the phrase from the riddle.  The employee will produce a treasure map.  Take a selfie with you, the employee, and the map.
STEP 4…. POST that selfie to our “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Play” Facebook PAGE and your page (to let people know you’re playing, so they will want to play too!).  You are at that point entered to WIN one of FOUR Pirate “Booty Baskets” valued at over $250 EACH in gifts from area businesses.
Note:  You have up to four chances to enter as we will post a new riddle each week for four weeks.  You can enter once each week.  You must be 15 years or older to play.


Ace Hardware 
Aroma Coffee Shop
Beef O’Brady’s                                                                                                                 
Bill’s Meat Market                                                                                          
Breakaway Bike Shop
Bunker Hill Drag Strip 
Club 14 
The Crafty Vibe 
Dreams to Reality (link)
East End Double Dip and Pizza 
Family Optometry (link)
Family Video
Fashion Cleaners (link)
Friermood (link)
Gold Medal Awards of Bunker Hill
Hairtique (link)
Harvey Hinklemeyers
The Hot Spot     
Jeff’s Barber Shop (link)
Love Your Hair (link)
Lube Express
Marco’s Pizza
The Nail Studio (link)
Ole Olsen
The Roxy (link)
Schwartz Ford (link)
Smitty McMusselmans
So Good Candies
Anthony R. Spahr, Attorney at Law  (link to law office)
VooDoo Public House (link)
Webb’s Hallmark (link)
Wings, Etc (link)
YMCA (link)
Cathy Zehring at Sheer Indulgence