Lifetree Café

Have you ever wanted to gather together with people and talk about the issues we face in today’s society? A place where it’s ok to just listen? A place to discuss faith-based issues in a non-denominational way? If you have then you will want to take time on a Tuesday evening to visit the Lifetree Café at the Miami County Artisan Gallery, 20 North Broadway in Peru.

The group meets together every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. for one hour of discussion about a featured topic. According to one of the group’s members, Andy Hammersley, the group is faith-based but not in any way “preachy or churchy”.

“It’s a safe place to gather and talk about current events” said Hammersley. “We gather for an hour and we have a pre-set program that includes a video and discussion time.”

Some upcoming topics will include:

September 19th – Is Church Obsolete?

Is Church Obsolete? - Lifetree Cafe from Lifetree on Vimeo.

September 26th – Forgiving the Unforgivable – A son confronts his Mother’s killer.

Forgiving the Unforgivable - Lifetree Cafe from Lifetree on Vimeo.

October 3rd – Making Life’s Toughest Decisions – Dealing with dilemmas.

LTC Making Life's Toughest Decisions from Lifetree on Vimeo.

October 10th – Toxic Faith – When religion hurts.

Toxic Faith - Lifetree Cafe from Lifetree on Vimeo.

Hammersley said the group started about six months ago. It is part of a national group of Cafés and is one of only three located in the State of Indiana.

“The formal program lasts an hour but people are welcome to say after and continue the conversation if they like” according to Ms. Hammersley. “It’s ok if people want to just come and listen.”

The Lifetree hour typically includes real-life stories on film, presentation of interesting and relevant information, conversation with others, and helpful tips to take home.

Regardless of beliefs, Lifetree welcomes everyone—individuals, couples, singles, students, and families. There’s no membership, no preaching, no singing.

The local group has a Facebook page you can visit by Clicking HERE. If you have questions or want more information, you can contact Andy Hammersley at 765-863-3701.