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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

At times it seems that we don’t have any control over what happens in our community. Over the years, decisions made in company headquarters or real estate developer offices far from Miami County have resulted in jobs coming and going, houses falling down or being repaired, stores closing and opening.

But there is one decision that will be made locally and only locally. It’s something you can support that has been steadfast in serving the community since 1902. And it’s an agency led by local volunteers and staff devoted to supporting everyone in Miami County.


Time and time again, the Y has stepped up. Time and time again it has proven to be worthy of trust and determined to help. And time and time again it has provided hope, nurturing, and a place to belong for children, families, adults, and seniors from all walks of life.

Now it’s time for US to step up for the Y.

The Y needs to raise $850,000 in new pledges by April 15 to complete the challenge match from the Dukes Health Care Foundation. When we do this, we will finish a $13.1 million capital campaign that will bring a brand new Y to our community. It’s a project that has brought together support from all corners of our community—government, schools, foundations, businesses, and individual donors. The impact on how we live, how we feel about ourselves, and how others—maybe even some of those same out-of-town decision makers—see our community will be huge. And most importantly, it’s something we can choose to do ourselves.

Through 117 consecutive years of service, the Y has always been locally led by volunteers and staff who are ALL IN for our community, and now we are asking you to do the same.

We’ve made our pledges—we’re ALL IN for the Y.

Are you?

Signed by donors who have given us permission to publish their names:

Mark & Julie Allen
Barb Althouse
Jeff Altmiller
Mary Ash
Jamie & Stephany Astrup
Mike & Patty Bakehorn
Mimi & Jim Berkshire
Joshua & Emili Black
Zach & Meghan Black
Danialle Blackford
Greg & Julie Borden
Cindy Brandt
Kathy & Charlie Brehmer
Wayne & Kathy Bunker
Troy Caldwell
Jamey & Christi Callane
Rita & Mike Clingaman
James Comerford
Brenda & Steve Constable
Dwight & Donna Creger
Clayton & Julie Cutler
Park & Connie Cutler
Mark & Peggy Demchak
Lora Disbro
Terry & Mary Lynn Doane
Steve & Polly Dobbs
Ralph & Leigh Duckwall
Bill & Ann Friend
Tom & Linda Guthrie
Kenneth & Rebekah Hanson
Bridgette Harmon-Smith
Dave & Susan Jodry
Anne Kennedy
Cassie Korba
Tom & Sally Keith
Dennis Kinley
Kurt & Risa Krauskopf
Craig & Wendi Langley
Tom & Anna Jo McKaig
Gene & Cheryl Miles
Jill & Mark Miles
Chris & Becky Ousley
Jeff & Cynthia Price
Sam & Christi Redmon
Jenny Rhodes
Ty Rice
Daniel Bearss Roberts, M.D.
Bob & Linda Schwartz
Shannon & Zac See
Jill & James Sharp
Karla & Jeff Sinkovics
Terry T. Smith
Todd & Claire Smith
Tish & Jay Soldi
Dave & Trish Van Baalen
Max & Joan Weaver
Heidi Wright
Jennifer Yates
Jim & Rayne Yates

And 176 others,
so far . . .

To join this donor list or for more information about the YMCA’s new building project, go to, or contact Mark Demchak at 765-472-1979; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..